Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspiring for Energy

The best way to relax your energy down or raise your energy up is as simple as one word.

That word is:


You may think this is an over-simplification. Yes, most of the best things in life are simple. Let’s take a deeper look at what we do when we breathe.

We inhale and exhale.

We inspire and expire.

How many of us truly pay attention to our breathing pattern? It is an automatic function of our body to keep us alive, yet when we take a deep breath into our belly, something shifts inside us. Take three or more deep breaths and slowly watch your whole world begin to look differently. Why is this?

In Hatha yoga classes the instructors will begin and end with deep breathing exercises. You breathe deeply at the beginning of the class to increase oxygen flow to the muscles and brain and to aide in energy flow of your body. You breathe deeply at the end to calm your muscles and brain and to aide in relaxation and meditation during the corpse pose.

Your breath is extremely powerful if using it is a way to create both energy levels in your body by breath alone! Some might say it is the spirit that lives within us!

How can you use this same technique to create the energy before a challenging day as well as the relaxation desired at the end of the day? I would like to tell you it’s simple to do. Of course if that were true, everyone would be doing it and we know that they don’t and many of us don’t either.

No, there is something else a bit deeper that stops people from breathing for health, relaxation and energy. The reason is a natural reaction and everyone does it. We do it without thinking. We do it and it goes unnoticed by any doctor, friend, and family member. It is a “secret” of sorts that no one really seems to talk about.

We stop breathing when we think life might not be worth living.

What?! I hear the defenses going up. Before you stop reading… let me explain.

What do you do when you hear bad news? What do you do if you think you might fall? What do you do when you feel the negative past “experiences” might possibly be up for a rerun? What do you do when you feel any lower energy emotional feeling? Start noticing and you will see.

You… Hold… Your… Breath… ... .. .. . .

It is an instinct. It stops time and life for a moment for us to think and process. The minute we realize there is some possibility worth living for, we start to breathe.

The reason might be just for the excitement of the negative drama (yes we love them, don’t we?), for the love of a fight, just to see what will happen next, for the realization that we will survive… we will be okay… we will be just fine… then it happens… huuuuuuuhhhhhh…. we inhale… we inspire.

Whether or not you decide to start your own personal study of when you breathe, it’s easy to notice that breathing is an act of life. Will you choose life? And what kind of life will you choose?

a shallow life

a quick life

a hurried life

an excited life

an out-of-control life

a slow life

a deep life

a full belly life

a thoughtful life

or a rhythmic life

The most beautiful thing is that you get to choose by the practice of your breathing pattern. It really works and you can use your breath to get through any challenging situation with confidence and the energy you never thought you had!

Breathe for high energy. Stand confidently tall as you relax your shoulders and body. Take a deep breath in your nose and allow your diaphragm to move out, expanding your belly. Next, exhale out your mouth and notice your belly contracting back in. Breathe into your belly again in just 4 seconds and this time imagine a pure white light is coming in filled with buzzing, joyful energy. Hold your breath for 4 seconds as the tired and old energy mixes into your lungs. Exhale out in just 4 seconds and imagine all of that old, tired and heavy energy is leaving you. Breathe in this fast way at least 5 times and feel your world power up!

Breathe to lower energy. Sit in a relaxed way as you take a deep breath in through your nose, again into your belly and out your mouth. Breathe into your belly again slowly working to slow yourself down to an 6-8-second inhale and this time imagine wisdom coming into the breath to serve you. Hold your breath for only 2-3 seconds as you absorb the wisdom of the ages. Breathe out slowly for 8 seconds as you let go of all the stress of the moment. Wait for 2-4 seconds between breaths. One of these will relax you and can be done in any stressful moment.

Just remember staying in awareness and noticing if you stop breathing is a practice. Be kind to yourself! As with learning any new instrument, it takes practice to begin and a decade to master. Start now and watch your inspired life begin!

Copyright 2009 Rain Fordyce

excerpt from her now FREE magazine,

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