Monday, December 29, 2008

Attract a New Year's Eve Kiss

I was asked about how to attract a kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve. Here is my fun list of what to do. The law of attraction may just work for you, too!

How to Attract a New Year's Eve Kiss

  1. Do not spend New Year's Eve alone (unless you plan to kiss Dick Clark)- find a party.
  2. Announce to the Universe and yourself, "I would love a New Year's kiss" (nothing wrong with a public announcement.)
  3. Wear comfortable and attractive clothing to the party (if you aren't relaxed and feeling pretty it will show.)
  4. Wear neutral lipstick (dark lipstick might scare a friendly kiss.)
  5. Go early and make sure you introduce yourself to as many people as possible (be open to everyone.)
  6. Have fun! (that is the point of a party, right?)
  7. Tell a friend you are looking to be kissed (maybe she knows "just the guy.")
  8. Let go of the kiss happening (allow the magic to happen...)
  9. Feel the joy as though you already have been kissed (share your positive vibration with the Universe.)
  10. At 11:45, if you haven't met someone you click with romantically, look around the room and ask yourself, "Who looks like they would love a kiss from me?" Walk up to him and offer your joyous celebration of the New Year with a friendly kiss at midnight.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The New Year is on it's way....

Are you ready to Take the Step towards a New Life?
I am thrilled to share with you an o
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If you sign up for coaching in January, you will receive 10% off of your first month (up to a $50 value). If you sign up for a three month commitment, you will receive your 10% off, your 3-month discount and a free headset so that we can Skype each other for free!

In January, my rates will go up. Now is the time, if you have been thinking about what coaching can do for you. Trust me, if you are ready to feel better, and starting living with inspired passion, and let go of what is causing you suffering in your life, you will be so glad you took the step to connect with me.

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Isn't it time you allowed yourself the support to break out of old thoughts and habits and start living a more authentic life?

This offer expires at midnight on December 31st, 2008!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Thank You Letter to Michael Neill

Thank you so much Michael, for showing up on my blog and sharing your kind words and references.

The starvation article you wrote caused some negative responses when I reposted it. Your apology was very kind.

I am honored that you visited.

Oh, I guess I am more than honored. I was a happily shocked as well.

I have learned so much from you in the last year through your radio show, You Can Have What You Want on Hay House Radio and your newsletter found at I refer to your work and words while speaking with my clients and friends often.

Thank you Michael and I hope this finds you.
Honestly, it was a bright light in my day!

smiles and joy,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My apologies for gossiping....

I am not one for gossip and heresay.
But I trusted my source.

If you have ever read or listened to Michael Neill (Hay House Radio or you will know that he is a kind, compassionate coach to the stars.
He has inspired me greatly over the last year, and I am grateful to be on his newsletter list. This post is from his newsletter.

I loved this article below as it resonated with my own experience with dieting.

I am so sorry that I repeated gossip about Susan Powter and the others listed in Michael's writing. As I did not mean to insult anyone or create any confusion.

I was merely trying to pass on what I thought was good news.

Blessings and smiles,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please Read if you Have Ever Been on a Diet

I found this article to be so important, I wanted to share it with more people!
smiles and joy,

The Biology of Starvation or Why Your Diet is Doomed!

To say that dieting rarely leads to sustainable weight loss isn't particularly controversial - just ask anyone who's been on a diet in the last twenty years. What is perhaps more surprising is why they don't work. Most books would have you believe that you've either been on the wrong diet (too many/few meals, too much/little carbohydrates, etc.) or you lack the willpower to stick with your diet. In fact, the answer would appear to be in your biology.

In his seminal study into human starvation during World War II, biological researcher Ancel Keys (developer of the army's "K-Rations") discovered that reducing people's diet to a state of semi-starvation produced symptoms of irritability, loss of endurance, and obsessive behavior around food, including but not limited to lying, hoarding, and stealing.

Even more telling was that in the three month period after the semi-starvation was ended and people could once again eat whatever they wanted, the obsession with food continued. None of the subjects had regained their former physical capacity, and their daily caloric intake had increased to a level higher (at times far higher) than before the study began.

This experiment, documented in his 1950 treatise "The Biology of Human Starvation", is considered unreplicable - even if you could get the volunteers, to purposely starve people (even college students :-) is considered cruel and inhumane nowadays. But here's an interesting fact: the 'semi-starvation' rations from the original study amounted to 1500 calories a day - more than is allowed in any number of the 25,914 diet books listed at!

What 50 years ago was considered a globally conscious experiment in dealing with world hunger (Keys' own conclusion was that "Starved people cannot be taught democracy. To talk about the will of the people when you aren't feeding them is perfect hogwash.") has become a global obsession, with over $40 billion spent on weight loss products in the year 2000 (that's roughly a million dollars a day for 85 years!).

So what's the solution?
Here are three things you can begin to do immediately, adapted from the excellent book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

1. Reject the food police
Once you recognize the perils of voluntary starvation (sorry, "dieting"), you can begin to make peace with food. Instead of fighting with 'forbidden foods', which naturally become more attractive than anything else on the menu, you start out by eating what you like, when you like.
"But I'll eat nothing but chocolate!", I hear you cry in fear (and hope!).
Maybe at first - but studies have shown that over time, you will wind up eating a fairly balanced diet, or what the authors refer to as the 90-10 balance - 90% of your food will be light and nutritionally sound, and 10% will be "play" food.

2. Honor your hunger and feel your fullness
Imagine a 'hunger scale' which runs from 1 (Starving) to 10 (Better get a bucket). How hungry are you right now?
As you practice tuning in to your own hunger, you'll begin to recognize subtle signals long before your stomach growls and your brain gets fuzzy. Optimal eating occurs at around 3 or 4 and finishes when you reach 6 or 7 on your inner scale - the only scale that matters from now on!

3. Respect your body and honor your health
Jim Fixx, the man who single-handedly made jogging into the great American past time in the '70's, died aged 52 of a heart attack - while jogging. Jane Fonda, the godmother of the '80's aerobics movement survived her exercise-induced heart attack and having clearly learned from her near death experience, introduced the world to 'low-impact' aerobics. Susan Powter, the '90's eating guru who's catchphrase was 'Stop the insanity' had her bottom rib removed to give her the body shape she desired!

While I have no idea which get-fit 'expert' for the new millenium will be the first to fall victim to their own mythology, respecting our body's and honoring our health calls for us to unleash 'the guru within' - that is to tune in, listen to, and respect the messages from our own body.

Today's Experiment:

"The psychological terror of hunger is profound."
-Naomi Wolfe, The Beauty Myth

In an age where airbrushing out lovehandles is no harder than putting Forrest Gump in the White House, it can be difficult to know what your optimal body shape and size really is. To put it another way, you may never have the body of Elle McPherson, but then again, neither will she!

Here's an exercise to begin getting in touch with your own natural body...
1. Each day, spend at least one minute looking at yourself in the mirror. In an ideal world, do this without clothes, but if that's too horrific a thought, anything but a mumu would be fine!
2. Notice what thoughts come up, from 'god I hate my thighs' to 'not bad for 45'.
3. Stick with it until you can look at your body in the mirror for a full minute without cringing, crying, or even commenting.
4. When you're ready, begin sending loving energy to the person in the mirror. Let them know that your love for them is not dependant on their waist size.
5. If you find all this too difficult, get the support of a loving friend, family member, or coach.

Have fun, learn heaps, and eat something!
Copyright by Michael Neill

This tip was brought to you by and read by over 15000 people in 90 countries worldwide.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Connecting in the Now to Our Own Journey

We are all on our own journey. Although sometimes we share the path with others, we cannot walk someone else's journey, and they cannot walk ours. Journeys can create joy or suffering. We suffer when we do not trust our own perceptions or when live in the past or future.

Many people suffer because they become stuck in their past journey or worry about what might happen to their future journey. Everyone has lost the here and now at some point. Sometimes people decide to live for a destination (the future.) This is expressed in sentences such as: If I make enough money, get that job, lose that weight, then I will... be happy or fill in the blank.

Other times people live for what they already know is safe (the past.) This may look like someone who says: This worked two years ago, it should work again. This is the only way to do it! Why can't things be like the good ol' days?

To find the here and now, take a breath. Look around. See where you are in your journey right now… I am in my living room, it is dark outside, I hear the heater running, I am feeling peaceful.

We can also suffer when we do not trust our own journey. During our life, we make choices all along the way. We are then given an experience and we have perceptions of our experiences. We then connect our choice with the experience.
For example: Choice: When I chose to go to bed early every night for a week:

A) Experience: I slept more.
Perception: It felt good.
Connection: Choosing to go to bed early is best for you.
B) Experience: I couldn't sleep through the night.
Perception: It felt frustrating.
Connection: It is better to choose to stay up later and wake up at a normal hour.

Both of these connections seem reasonable. The problem is when it is not your own connection. When others try to impose their connections onto your journey, it can create conflict and suffering. People may say you must be tired, cold, or worried because of your travels. They equate their connections they have made on their journey to be the only truth. When we attach to others connections, we suffer.

There will always be a voice or two that questions your choices on how you take your journey. They may also have doubts about your perception about your experiences, therefore believe you are crazy to have the connections you have made. Just know, no matter how convincing they sound, you are the only one who can know the truth for your own perceptions, experiences and choices.

Thank the stars above for all the caring people in your life who help you remember to stay in your own business and wish them peace and comfort in their own choices and perceptions of their lives. Their hearts are in the right place.

Now, take a chance! Choose, experience, perceive and connect all on your own, in your own way and watch the magic happen.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Shoulder of Should

It happened 5 years ago. I was walking down the street with my 2 year old and holding his hand. He was never one much for walking. He loved to be carried and I struggled to get him out of the sling. It was only from a tired back and a belief he should be walking at his age, did I make the decision a few weeks prior that I needed to encourage him to walk on his own. So I held on to his tiny hand as we walked down the street.

That was when it happened. He let go of the ground. He put his feet up, bent his knees and he pulled my shoulder in a jarring motion down as I tried to save him from falling.

It was a classic rotator cuff injury, I was told by my physical therapist. Nothing torn, just a really bad sprain. After spending 3 months working with a physical therapist, using every ointment on the planet, hot and cold compresses, and keeping it as still as I could, it didn't get 100% better. Sleeping on my side was impossible, and I learned to sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees so I wouldn't move in the night. The mornings I woke up on my side, I was always waking up from the jarring pain in my shoulder. In fact, years later while in my downward dog pose in a yoga class I had my two kids in (even with protests, I thought as homeschoolers, they should learn this), I felt the injury come back full force and I was back into the physical therapist's office. Nothing seemed to make all of the pain go away.

Soon I was introduced to EFT, Louise Hay, and the law of attraction. I found out I could get rid of the pain through tapping, affirmations and what I thought about. For the first time in years, I was 100% pain-free! Well, most of the time.

Strangely enough, my shoulder is my alarm for "shoulds." It happens every time, without fail. Someone in my family needs me, and I get a thought in my head I should get up to help, my shoulder begins to ache. My husband is having a struggling conversation with the kids, and I feel I should fix it, yep, shoulder hurts again. Creating my businesses and feeling I should be working harder to make more money for the family and BAM! I am hit with pain in my shoulder. Imagine how well I did over the Thanksgiving holiday with my family when old stories of "I should" came to the surface... needless to say, my shoulder was as much pain as I had felt for the first time in a year.

Now, I always have the tools to make the pain go away, I just find it interesting how the should is in my should-er. How did that happen? What kind of cosmic message is that? I believe the universe has quite a sense of humor.

The blessing of this gift is I always know when my thoughts have left the here and now and gone into the "shoulds" of the past and the future. I know when I am not in allowing, but fixing. I know when I am not in my own business, I am in other people's business. When I am really clear, I can feel the tingle begin at the very first moment when a should thought forms. That is really cool.

Do you have a sign you are out of alignment? What seems to happen to you when you are wandering from your path of joy? Sick stomach? Headache?

Our body's are not separate from our minds and spirits. It is all one connected package. Learning to only take care of one without the others is sure to create some kind of notification system your whole self is hoping you pay attention to.

My whole self decided it would be clever to create my shoulder of should.

Thank you, it works.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making a Living With my Gifts

It is amazing to me how fast this year has gone by. So much has happened and I am overjoyed at our successful new businesses. As of this month, I am supporting my family through my life coaching- Coaching With Rain, Yahoo!!!

I was thinking about the surreal moment I felt the spark to become a life coach. I wasn't sure if I could do it, so I didn't admit it to my own life coach for over two months as I knew that she would encourage me to make it a reality. When I did tell her, sure enough, I had clients within the month. It has been so amazing to connect with these phenomenal people through coaching! I have learned so much! I have also heard again and again that I have found my calling. Could this be my calling, living the life I have always dreamed about? It is true I have truly found a place to use and share the gifts I came here with.

My gift of energy sensitivity, my gift of empathy, my gift of total honesty, my gift of seeing the immense beauty in everyone.

However, at one point in my life, I believed these gifts were actually negative traits that I had to rid myself of. Here is why:
  • The gift of energy sensitivity turned me into an introvert and was unable to be in large groups of people very long (school was tremendously difficult for me just for this reason.) I didn't know how to separate my energy from others and I felt like a prisoner to whoever I spent time with.
  • The gift of empathy shows no age or authority boundaries, and I used to be told to be quiet, if I mentioned how I understood my teachers, parents, or any other authorities feelings. " What does a child know?" they would say. I really didn't know, I felt.
  • The gift of total honesty, before I was living in joy, well, you can imagine what kind of trouble I got into with friends, family and just about everyone else. Good or bad, it just comes out. Through finding my inner joy, this trait has actually become my greatest gift.
  • The gift of seeing the immense beauty in everyone was truly confusing, since I did not see it in myself. I walked around in a world where everyone seemed so amazing talented and beautiful, and I was not. No wonder I suffered from depression. Once I discovered how to see my own beauty and I could truly see it inside myself, I was brought to tears, and still am. This world is a beautiful place.

We all have amazing gifts and we all are so talented and beautiful. (Really! You are, too! I promise!) That is the secret. We ALL are, just unique in our own way.

Now, I see these traits for what they are, and recognize them as gifts and not negative traits to rid myself of. Now, I can share them with as many people who are attracted to them.

Gratitude is so deep in my heart today.
Thank you so much to all that is.
Life is truly a wonderful puzzle.

smiles and joy,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank you for the compliments!!!

I love coaching, I really do. It is an honor and a blessing to be a part of my clients' lives. I learn as much as they do as we find the answers together. Recently, I was written in two different blogs and I would love to share these amazing women with you!

Barb Techel is an author of a unique picture book about her precious Dachshund, Frankie who lost the use of her back legs and is now a Walk and Roll Dog. See her blog here:
Joyful Paws Blog.Dayna Martin is an author, speaker and advocate for doulas, unschooling and attachment parenting. She has been on the Dr. Phil show and speaks all over the country about her amazing life. See her blog:
The Sparkling Martins Blog.
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!
It truly touches my heart to watch you blazing your trails!
smiles and joy,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yes, more love of the Wind!

Here is something I wrote for my
Inspired Almost-Daily Newsletter.
You can sign up for free by clicking here.

Wind Dance

The wind is so powerful.
It blows through the giant cedars and firs
as though they were blades of grass.

When I feel it blow against my body and face, I feel part of the whole... something bigger, something meant to be.
It is in my time of great wanting, needing to be loved, touched and held by others, that I most adore the wind.
With the wind, I am never alone.
It answers my call and surrounds me, touching my face and hair.

The chimes blow creating the music for the dance. I want to dance with the wind. Woooshhhhhhh she tells me, woooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I want to sway, spin, and fly.
I want to leap high into the air and let the wind pick me up
and sail across the sky.
And as I dream of this, the wind and I, we dance...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Wind is Blowing.... us into comfort.

Today is a blustery, windy day. I just love the fall!

Pumpkin soups are on the menu as well as everything with potatoes, yum!
It is all about comfort foods.

It's time to snuggle up with cozy socks, cozy blankets and a cozy fire, ahhhh!
It is all about comfort warmth.

Visiting friends and families feels so good and celebrating the many holidays brings joy to our spirits.
It is all about inner comfort.

As I sit and think about this comfortable and joyous time of year, I send out smiles and blessings to all of you.

Thank you for bringing me the comfort of companionship!

smiles and joy,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Listen in to Monday's Interview! Win a copy of my book!!!

I am feeling more relaxed this time, which is a good thing as the show is called Relaxed Homeschooler!
Here is the info:

Yes, contest!!!
I am giving away a free signed copy of my new children's book to a listener of the Relaxed Homeschooler, Kim's awesome show!

Listen in Monday, Novemeber 10th at 10am Central, 8am-PST, 11am-EST Click the button below:
Listen to Relaxed Homeschooler on internet talk radio

I would love to have you support me and maybe even win a copy of my new book!
smiles and joy,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Finally HERE!!!! My first children's book!

Yes, yes yes!!! It is here and it is truly a beautiful book in so many ways.

I am already being flooded with heart warming stories from moms and children who love their book. Knowing that this is a bedtime story for children and they are seeing themselves and their lives in this story fills me with boundless joy!!!

This was a project that was co-created by the most amazingly kind people that I know (and love). I believe the energy of kindness is what makes everything about this book, characters, story, look and feel so amazing....

Anyone who has done anything like this, understands that it is a not a job of one, but of many! I am so grateful for everyone in my life and who I have met to create this amazing book. This book is the collaborative work of:

Inspiration, Creation and Edit Department, my two boys - Without you, there would be no book. Your fantastic ideas made this book better than I ever could have done on my own. Thank you! I love you both so much. You are my inspiration and joy!!!

Illustrator, Audrey Cherney - your work is simply amazing! I love your humor and warm artistry as well as your drive to excellence! It truly shows! I am grateful to have met you!

Book Graphic Designer, Support and Ideas, Scott Perry - you made something good, so much better! I love the ladybug action and all your ideas and huge support! Your true creative and gentle nature show in this book.

Edits and Ideas, Jeannine Hall - you helped me bring my writing into a whole other realm of flow! Working with you on this project was so much fun. Your ideas were brilliant!

Support, Mom and Dad - because you loved me that much! Your constant enthusiasm for this project always made my day and pushed me forward. Thank you!

Support, Ideas and Love, Charlie Fordyce - our partnership is what creates my inspiration into action! You are phenomenal and the most amazing man! Everyday I am gifted to spend with you is my highest honor.

Thank you Scott Noelle and Naomi Aldort for your most kind words for the back of the book. And the Diane and Stan at the Printery for your enthusiasm to get this done right.

And everyone else who put their ideas out there for me to think about and grow from!!!

I am truly grateful for the many blessings I have in knowing you!

May the co-creative efforts along with the immense joy, kindness and thoughtfulness that went into this book be felt by everyone who reads it.

Smiles and great joy,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Recording of my First Interview!

Here is the Show!!!

The show went well, I was nervous, but like riding the rapids down awesome Class 4 rapids, there was lots of laughter and it was a whole lot of YAHOO fun!

Listen to Harry Shade - A Spiritual Man on a Mission! on internet talk radio

Leave a comment on the site, if you feel inspired...
smiles and laughter,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Listen in tonight to my very First Interview!

Tonight, Wednesday, October 29th at 8pm -Pacific/ 11pm -Eastern

Tune into Harry Shade's Interview with Rain on his Blog Talk Radio Show.

I have so much to say... or do I?
Well if you listen in... you will find out.

It is all very fun and exciting.
I hope you will listen in.
Just click the icon below!

Listen to Harry Shade - A Spiritual Man on a Mission! on internet talk radio

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Uploaded Graphic...oooh it can be done!

Thank you Homemom3! You inspired me to upload my first ever picture to my blog. And I have been blogging for almost 2 years! Technology seems to elude me sometimes...
So here is a picture of the main character of my book (coming out next week) and a bite about the BlogTalkRadio show I am being interviewed on called the Relaxed Homeschooler on Monday, November 10th at 10am Central or 8am-PST and 11am-EST.

And as the picture shows, we will be having a contest where you can get a chance to win a free signed copy of my new book! Check out the link below to connect to the Relaxed Homeschooler with Kim on BlogTalkRadio.
Hope to have you there listening and calling in!

Listen to Relaxed Homeschooler on internet talk radio

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joyful Thought

Celebrate your joy! Live it, love it! Dance, Sing and Jump for JOY! Really have wild fun! The more you celebrate it authentically from spirit, the more often it will come, and the more practice you will get remembering yourself laughing in joy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waiting patiently for the Delivery...

So many people have been asking me lately...

"How is your book?"
"Do you have your book yet?


It's a challenge dealing with life outside of your control.

The book has finally been reprinted, due to previous error, and it has been cut and sorted (all 100,000 sheets of it) and is now happily in the hands of the binder. YES!

The binder is going to glue and stitch it all together and make it pretty.
He will then ship it back to us (he is just across the water in Seattle) and the Printer said, "next Wednesday"... then paused. "At least before Friday" and I let it my expectation of next week go.

It doesn't matter to me anymore. I am excited yes, but for everyone, who has pre-ordered their book, they are my first priority. The book is a month late.

I feel like a big uncomfortable overdue pregnant woman, saying INDUCE, INDUCE!
But I have no special liquid to inject to make this baby come before it is ready.

I am prepared for it's arrival, however, with all the envelopes labeled so that that I can sign the book, and drop it in the mail the day we bring it home.

Hopefully, the book will be worth everyone's wait!

I know it is worth mine. The day I hold this baby in my arms... oh yeah....

I know it will will be worth every minute!


Friday, October 17, 2008

I Just LOVE Writing...

Funny how my life has turned upside down since last year. That was when I wrote my first children's book. Well, any book for that matter. That was when I took a stand and said, I am a writer.
At 37 years old, I am a writer!

I was one of those early self-taught readers before I was four. I loved books! I read and read and read, until I started school. It took years before the school system caught up with my love of reading! And when they did, they EXPECTED me to read.

Sad to say, it didn't take long before I hated reading... somewhere around 3rd grade. I remember it because it was when I transfered my love of reading other's stories to writing my own. I started a journal, no... in 3rd grade it's a Diary... Dear Diary... and like a lot of my friends, I was a faithful writer, most of the time.

By the time I was a senior in high school, my English teacher told me lots of kudos about my writing. He told me to take creative writing in college, that somehow he thought I might find my life in writing. I thought about it... and I wrote all about it in my diary.

Then I started the big college classes. I kind of laugh while I still feel nausea in the pit of my stomach when I think about what happened in my first Shakespearean English Freshman College Class. After turning in my first fabulous creative paper, my teacher gave me my first "C" in English I had ever received in my entire life!

When I asked her about it, she said I had a low level understanding of the English language, that I had no grasp of how to write a real paper.

I heard simply, "I am not a writer." It may seem unbelievable to you, but that was it. I lost interest in school, I lost interest in becoming a writer, at least that is what I wrote in my diary...

After many colleges and dropouts later, I finally finished school in Community Studies at UCSC. Some crazy hippie inspired major to teach kids how to organize the people for change. I became a waitress instead..

Years go by and I wrote all about it in my diary, or journal I should say at this point. Next, I met my husband. There were a few years my diary and my soon-to-be-husband tried to work it out, but passion won over and I found it was best to stop writing in a childish diary... and move on.

I was 27 and had written in over 15 diaries about my life since 3rd grade.

Life went on. I had my sweet babies, got married, bought and sold houses and then I was introduced to the most fabulous invention in the world.

A Blog! We were about to take a 7 month trip around the US in a Eurovan with my family after selling our home and everything we owned and I thought. Hmmmm.... Maybe people will be interested...

I began writing again! Right from the beginning it soothed my soul. It brought out my best. It made me feel whole. I loved it, and best of all, people started following it. They were commenting on my writing style. They told me they loved the feelings I brought to my stories and I should be a writer. Of course, I laughed and thought about my freshman English teacher and said, "Yeah! Right!"

Once our trip had ended, we returned to my family's home (as we had none of our own) so that I could recover from a serious illness. 3 days later, I sat down with my computer and before I knew it... in just 15 minutes... I had written a children's book.

One year and a couple of months later, that book is coming out in just a week or two from the printers. While the book was being produced, I have written tons of articles, started a magazine, which I also edit, write weekly blogs, and now get paid to be an editor for other writer's work.

I just LOVE writing... Of course, I love it! And most of all, I love encouraging others to believe in their stories... to believe in their writing, and BELIEVE in themselves.

smiles and joy,

Dedicated to my 8th grade English teacher, wherever you are.
You were RIGHT!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Wind

The Wind

I love the wind as it blows against my body, my hair, my face and the sound it makes blowing by my ears.
Sometimes I love to just stand in the strong wind, open arms, planted feet and really feel the power of the world all around me.

Stand to face the wind and your face is touched. The resistance of personal strength feels good for awhile,
though eventually I become tired of fighting it.

Stand towards the direction of where the wind is blowing
and you can get blown over....

Unless you trust and walk along with it.
That is when the journey becomes a breeze...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here we go again with the "Crisis" Talk

Every time I watch TV, I remember why I don't own one. My family and I went out for what was supposed to be a fun dinner out, when we were told we were in CRISIS!

"OH NO!" I thought, "Crisis?!?" Of course, I was laughing inside my head, until after about 5 minutes later, after all their compelling sensationalism, I felt stressed even though I didn't believe what they were saying would change my world. (*Please turn off your TV.)

It seems every year there is a crisis. I also notice that no matter what, I am sitting, standing and laying down. I am eating, driving, working, raising my children, loving my family, friends, and especially loving my life....

Is it wrong to love your life when there is a crisis? Is there a crisis at all?

Maybe for some who over-extended into buying a home. Maybe for some whose livelihood were based in brokers, mortgages, real estate and such. Maybe for those invested in oil -in the last few months.... Maybe for some who had high risk portfolios and are retired... FEEL like there is a crisis.

After all, people are losing money, jobs, homes and way of life. Is that a crisis? That same thing has happened every day, every month, every year. Those in this current pickle, and those who have experienced this outside of the current media will live. They will pick up the pieces and move forward.

Truth is, there is nothing else they can do.

Crisis is a state of mind. And gambling is not a safe bet. We all do it at some level when we invest, create a business, or do anything with our lives that we believe will make us money. My husband and I saw that housing was too easy to make money and for too long, so we got out of the housing market. We had already lost huge gains in the dot com market and decided to keep our housing profits safe in a local bank CD account almost 2 years ago.

We didn't make a fortune in oil or other possibilities like others, and we also are not losing any money like others. We are not big gamblers.

And although we are surrounded by big casinos, we don't like to take our money and throw it to the wind of chance. We just work too hard for it. So we have our savings, we have our businesses, and we have our rented home. We also know our savings could be wiped out, our businesses could fail and we may not be able to afford rent a home at some point.

Anything is possible, but thinking life is in crisis every year, almost makes life unbearable.

We can only do what we can do now. We can only make choices that make sense to our heads and hearts. We can only stand, sit and lay down, whether that is comfortable or not, is just life.

What we CAN do is find joy, love, observe, have fun, feel the amazing range of feelings we all share as humans and just enjoy and live this game called life....

You decide if you want to play a friendly game of Pictionary or a risky game of Roulette...


Thursday, October 2, 2008

OneTough Woman Business Owner

I have been thinking a lot lately about the interesting place a woman business owner has in this world. For instance, twice in the last month, I have been reprimanded personally for not allowing advertising on my website and for not giving away my coaching services for free.


The response wasn't, "Oh, I understand, this is your policy."
It is "I can't believe this is how you think the world works..." along with a personal smear about my email manners, which when my husband reread my responses, assured me that I was just being kind, but firm.

Another interesting occurrence, in the year 2008, is the way I am treated when I am with my husband.

When we crossed the Canadian border, I was driving and the border patrol asked what I did for a living, which I responded to happily all the businesses I ran (yes, as a new multrepreneur, I am still happy to tell everyone what I do.) He then leaned over and said, "And what do you do, sir?" My husband said, "I am the stay-at-home dad to my boys...." but the man gave him a strange look and so my husband added, "of course, I used to be in software...."
This has never happened the other way around when my husband has been the one driving across. What I did for a living never seemed to come up.

When I went to the printers to talk about approving the final copy of my book, my husband showed up as a surprise to support me (sweet guy that he is) and for the first 15 minutes, they spoke to him, asked him questions and assumed he had anything to do with (except loving inspiration) my project that I have been working on intensely for over a year.

I feel the great responsibility, that my husband once had, of being the sole monetary support of our family through my work. Yet, I feel the role that I am expected to play is so much different than if I was a man.

An expected role of over-generous with my time and resources, over-kind and understanding for those who don't agree with my rules, bendable-over-backable, and flexible in my policies.
This all is expected while we are also expected the same at home with our children and our husbands.
Sound familiar business women?

The strangest part is, I expected the same thing from other women owned businesses.. before I knew... oh... before I truly understood.

It's almost like you choose women businesses because you have a better chance to get more, much more while paying less! No wonder, you see so many women who become cold and closed off after years of this kind of expectation and treatment (and have given in to it for too long.) What is a woman to do? (besides many trips to the day spa!)

I am not interested in the current roles to play and becoming bitter.

I chose my businesses because being of service is what I love. Being kind to everyone is my favorite practice. Being firm about the policies that I have decided are important to my businesses, doesn't seem to feel natural to me, but it does seem vitally important right now. Playing a role isn't my style as I tend to live a life blazing my own trail.

As far as the latest incidences, I wonder: Do I have to take my punches? Am I just paying my dues? Is it karma?

Always asking questions, never taking a situation for granted and allowing the path to unfold is the only way I know how to take this journey. Meanwhile, I want send out my deepest gratitude for all the women who have gone before, to make my journey so much easier and acknowledge their amazing giving nature! Thank you and Blessings!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Not Easy to Take the Leap

The day we started to build Authentic Times, I was excited. It was something I wanted for myself and I had a vision of writing, editing and creating joy for readers. The day we launched it, I cried. It took so much time to create. So many ideas to discuss, so much to learn. I had no idea if it would be something that people wanted. I had no idea what would happen.

I just took a leap.

Today, I again took a leap and turned Authentic Times into a paid subscription magazine. This time, I felt I may not have brought my parachute. Life is a mystery and I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know that no matter what happens, I have risked, I have dreamed and I have created something I love and believe in.

I will hold onto that over the coming months and I watch the ground coming towards me and I attempt to land.

If one leap wasn't enough, I also signed off of the Printery printing 5000 copies of my new children's book. If I think about that long enough, my stomach starts to do somersaults!

5ooo COPIES? In three weeks, we will have 58 boxes of books in my house. So far, I have sold 20 and have 20 to give away. Wow, only 4960 more to go....

This feels like a leap off the Grand Canyon.

However, no matter how scary it is to leap, it also is extremely rewarding.
For where else could you ever experience life like this?

One thing I know for sure, however I may land, my life is never going to be the same.

smiles and inspiration,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wow! I guess I am an expert!

I am so excited!

In the middle of finishing the final book design today, I received an email from Ezine Articles telling me that my article has been published and that I am now an Expert!

That just sounds so exciting. Yes, it's true, they have over 100,000 experts, but I will take the title with joy and sing!

Here is my bio:
Expert Author Rain Fordyce

Here is the article (which is also on Authentic Times):
Waking Up Happy

smiles and Yahoo!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hooray for WHACIS!

We just got back from a fabulous homeschooling camp! It used to be called:
Western Washington Not Back To School Camp, or WWNBTSC (whew!)

We changed the name to
Washington Homeschool Adventure Camp in September, or WHACIS.

The group pretty much decided it was indeed, whacky!

But what beautiful weather on the lake and there is just something magical about 12 homeschooling families creating a 5 day community just for them. I experienced a little bit of this when I went to the Life Is Good Conference for unschoolers in May.

The kids are free but not just free, they are with a bunch of other kids in a safe place, that is not home. This is exciting for them and the parents, because we are free to take a little time out for us. There was the idea of calling it Homeschooler Camp for Napping Parents, but we didn't want to make it all about us!

I love homeschoolers getting together. They are so kind, so accepting, so genuine. It heals old wounds from my own schooling days. I used to think all little kids were just cruel. Now I know, it's just sad little kids who are missing their families who can become cruel. They have to take their anger and sadness out on someone. Then habits and patterns emerge in the culture of the class, which is why some classes of kids are so much different than others.

Hmmm.... I am so grateful to have the opportunity to homeschool... but only every day!

Blessings and Smiles!

PS: Oh! And if you tried to order the book before and it didn't work, please try again! We fixed the problem! Click here to see!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Homeschool Children's Book Website

Yahoo!!!! Here it is:

Homeschool Adventure Books: I Am Learning All the Time

The book should be coming out in October... Pre-order your copy today!

Working Mom Does Birthday Party

I know... it's been done a million times before... but it feels like the big headline of my life right now...

For all of you out there who think the transition from stay-at-home mom to working mom has been an easy one... yes and no... mostly no, but it's getting better... for the kids!

Yes, the kids are starting to ask my husband to make breakfast and to help them when they need it during the day. Yes, they have heard the "mommy's working" and understood.

Actually they are probably just fine...

It's me!

I am now into the world of online networking and advertising and creating, and let me tell you, I wish I had a staff of 15 people! It is not easy, though it is a lot of fun, it is not all I want to do with my life.

My oldest son had his 10th birthday this week, and I was halfway between tears and joy. Double digits are a big deal and he is growing up so fast! I wanted to be there with him. I wanted to spend that time with him. I took off his actual birthday and the day of his party. I loved every minute of it. I love being and playing together as a family, I loved the fun and fantastical party we had and all the family and friends that came.

I loved that I was off the computer for 2 whole days!

Yet, it was time to get back to it and I realized that I love being involved with my business as well. I want it all!

I now understand the Supermom Syndrome. Why can't we have it all? I have home businesses and I homeschool and I have the amazing support of my amazing husband, but fact is, I have to work. I have to disappear for hours on end and work.

I have spoke to my coach and my coach friends about this over and over, trying to find a solution... yet there is no answer.

It is going to come down to just being. Just living. Just doing what I love in the moment, keeping a schedule so there is balance.

Just continuing to let it go, let it go....

blessings to all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Podcast anyone?

Okay, check it out here at:

My new Inspired Almost-Weekly podcast is based on my newsletter email, Inspired Almost-Daily, and let's face it, I might miss a week here and there!

There are so many new ideas swimming around...

The children's book website is coming soon! Hopefully about a 3 or 4 days from now we will have an announcement. Though the book will not be published until Mid September.

My older son is turning 10 soon and we have family coming into town, so the goal is to finish as much as we can, and then Yahoo! Have some fun with our Medieval Frolic and Feast!

The transition is almost complete with my husband and I. He is still working a few days a week, which will turn into 1 or 2. I work 5 to 6 days, which will turn into 4 or 5.

I love working, having clients, editing the magazine and then that feeling that I forgot all about. The feeling of the weekend! I work extremely hard all week, publish, finish with my clients, and Friday comes! I always feeling like dancing down the street with my family, and then after we dance, I feel like taking a well deserved nap! We always have fun together and the kids are starting to look forward to Fridays with me. The questions, "When are you going to stop working every single day?" and "I want YOU to make my breakfast." are rarely asked.

Charlie has been cooking meals, doing some shopping, taking the kids to their lessons, and the new one is making playdates!!! He is such an amazing guy! He is so excited to be the homeschooling parent. So many ideas is swimming around....

So there it is, all of us happy, well and enjoying this fun part of our transition... near the end!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coaching Website is UP!

My coaching website is UP!
You can see it here:

Inspirational Life Coaching with Rain

Thank you Scott, my brother for all your amazing work to pull this together!
Thank you Debbie, for all your amazing artwork!
Thank you Dinea, for your amazing photos! (there is still one more to come...)
Thank you Charlie, Chas and Hugh for all your patience.

I am so grateful, and excited about it!

Please let me know your honest feedback...
I always am looking for clarity, errors, or anything else you would like to see different.

Moving forward, I am going to be learning about Podcasting in the coming weeks.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving Right Along

I haven't written in a couple of weeks as I have been writing so much with my website and another 45 day blogging challenge, the thought of writing here, seemed a bit over the top. is doing great and we are now over the 100 subscriber mark! (106) to be exact! I am so grateful that other women are loving it as much as I am and have been sharing their artwork, stories, recipes and tips. I am so grateful for everyone who has stepped in to make it the success that it is!

My inspirational life coaching site is almost finished! I will let you know when it is, and I can't tell you what wonderful work it is. I have been working with an artist, who submitted her work to, to create an amazing vision for it. She is also a client, and was so excited to share how she saw my energy and business. Her name is Debbie Weber and she is amazing!

My children's book is also coming to a close. We have a printer ready and are finishing up the last half. It is amazing how much you grow as you create something like this. My illustrator has changed and developed our characters so well. I am thrilled at their life-like qualities and excited about what she has dreamed up. They are so friendly and warm. I really think the kids will love these characters!

So for now, I am busy working towards many goals at once. My husband is taking over more and more of the household tasks, shopping, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. The kids are surprisingly happy. I guess they are at the right age to be independent most of the time. Our lives have never been so intensely busy and so happy at the same time. I guess we are doing the right thing!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Saying Yes to a Sunset

It amazes me how beautiful life can be. Thursday has become a busy publishing day and usually I am up early in the morning working until late at night. I work on editing, finding photos that work with articles, correcting any bugs, and trying to see if there is anything missing. I don't seem to see much of the world outside on Thursdays, which is okay for me, since it is only one day and I love working on my ezine. Yesterday, in the middle of everything, my husband decided it would be wonderful if we watched the sunset at the cliffs. My first reaction was, "Have fun! I am not even close to being done." but when I took a second look inside my heart, I realized that I didn't want to miss out on being together as a family, a walk, and the sunset.

I quickly changed my answer, and soon we were all walking out the door. The night was just lovely. It may be very hot this time of year for a lot of people, but where we live, it has been in the 70's and it is very windy living out here on the cliffs. It felt somewhere around 60 degrees with the wind and we were all wearing our fleece. The air was crisp and the streets were quiet. We all felt so much joy as we all raced to catch a glimpse of the sunset. The boys, of course, won the race!

Usually, it feels to me like the sun sets quicker than I can appreciate all the beauty, but tonight, for some reason, it was slowly easing its way down the sky. It was as though it didn't want the day to end. I could understand the resistance. It was a beautiful day and I was there giggling with my beautiful family. I didn't want it to end either. We waited for quite awhile until at last, the last drop of fiery light dropped behind the sea. We were much quieter as we walked home. Happy, relaxed and tired.

I knew I was going to have to finish my work for the night and I did happily until midnight. Sometimes it is so easy to miss out on amazing opportunities spending time with those we love, because we can always find some excuse why you can't that sounds real. "I have to work. I can't find the time right now. We can do it again another time." The only problem is, as life goes on, and time moves faster, we miss out on the intention we had to enjoy our lives. Each time we say, "next time" we lose the opportunity to be in the now, to enjoy what is right here in front of us, and the fact is, it may just not be available when you finally decide that you can finally take the time to spend with those you love the most.

I am so grateful for the gift of saying yes!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Holiday After Week Two!

Hooray for the holiday! What a gift to get a holiday after only 2 weeks of a new business. I am sure that is highly unusual. Though... I am ready for it. While getting used to the very bugged system I have to publish my online magazine through, it was just not easy this week. I am so thrilled to be able to relax and write what feels good and fun.

Our family has a tradition to spend this holiday with old friends. We spend the night, have a BBQ, let the kids play until all hours, watch the same firework show we have seen for the past 11 years, and chase off to catch the ferry before the end of the night. This year, we have decided to stay an extra night. When my family asked for the extra night, I didn't protest. I am ready to continue to play and stay on holiday!

Starting a business, no matter what you decide to do, and how easy you hope it will be, is extremely time consuming. There are so many aspects to think about when you and your husband are the sole employees. You wear so many hats, you have to really know what to do and how to do it. However, when starting a business, more times than not you actually have no idea what you are doing. You are usually winging it! Okay, okay, I am usually winging it... When you have no idea what will work and what doesn't, life couldn't be more entertaining (for lack of a more colorful word.) The most effective way to get a job done, is well beyond your newbie grasp. It is the serious learning curve that makes what could be a 1 day job, into a 3 day job. So when it takes 5 days, you have to laugh and realize that one day you will look back and say, "Ah, those were the good ol' days!" And even if you don't say that, you will at least look back.

For now, I am not as overly tired as before, not as caffeinatedly (yes that is a word, regardless of what the spell check says) excited as before, just really happy to be working on this new business that brings me insight, fun and plenty of neuron connections.

Most of all today, I am just thrilled to be on holiday.

Happy 4th!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Success in One Week!

Okay, maybe it didn't always feel that way. The first few days, I was flooded with new members, positive feedback and action. It was exciting and great! Of course after a few days, it began to slow down.... way down. This didn't feel good after the incredible high I had been on for the last 3 weeks. So the two days before our second launch, I was intermittently taken into a world of doubt and fear. It was time to decide how I was going to react to this new business. Was I only going to allow my happiness, because business was good? What did it mean to my life's purpose when it wasn't? Why did I decide to create this business anyway?

Soul searching became parts of days 4 and 5. The answer was loud and clear. Authentic Times was created for what I wanted to see on the internet. It was created for honest voices, without looking at advertisements, and it was created to inspire my spirit, that YES you can do things in this world that are about community and creativity and learning without corporate funding. Basically, it was created because it was my dream. I am realizing that my dream doesn't need approval from the world, it's just my dream. Realizing your dream IS success. When I really let that sink in, it allowed me to appreciate even more all the beautiful gifts I had already received through emails from other women and excitement in their writing. Every email and member was a bonus to my dream. The icing on the cake, you know, the cinnamon on the latte. Having others connect with my dream, is just an incredible blessing.

That when the perfection of the slow down hit me! The slow down allowed me to clarify my intentions, it allowed me to rest (yes, sleep!), let go of the coffee (again), begin to exercise, meditate and best of all find time to connect with my children and husband, family and friends.

Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for how much beautiful success one person can have in just one week!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yahoo! Launch Day!

Wow! We finally made it to the Summer Solstice and our Launch Day!

What a amazing collaboration from my husband, the Programmer Extraordinaire, my brother, the Amazing Layout and Graphic Arteest, my sister and good friends (you know who you are!), also known as the Profound Support Team, as well as the many women I have met, spoken and emailed with, who shared their ideas and wisdom to create a phenomenal site!

Thank you ALL!!!!

I have spent the last week on coffee (which is already back on my quit list), working most days from 6am-11pm, wondering where the boys (7 & 9) are, communicating passionately with my sweet dearest husband, and feeling the wild exciting ride. This is blazing your trail, ladies, and I highly recommend it! Building this website has been so much fun, and I have learned so much, I know, no matter what happens, this is the journey I wanted to be on.

I hope you will all check it out, and see what my caffeine brain, fuzzy eyes, and wild dreams has helped to create!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Week and the Lessons Keep Coming!

I look at my calendar and realize Launch Date is only one week away!
Do we have everything in place?

Yes, in fact, we have been ready for the past few days. We are just sipping margaritas in the sun, while the Summer Solstice comes to remind us to launch our perfect site!

Now for the real, or should I say, authentic answer. We are so far from being close, that we are working into the night and morning, every day. Excitement is high. Joy is coming in giant spurts.

On top of that my sweet 6 year old boy is turning 7 tomorrow and in my SAHM fashion, I couldn't resist, but to throw a huge birthday extravaganza! Too much on my plate? That is a great question, and the answer feels too big. It just isn't easy letting go of the ideas I had when I was a SAHM that a birthday party was huge deal. The fact is, I have always loved throwing parties. It meant planning and creating and gathering friends. I suppose that is what I have been doing with this website.

All working mothers must ask the question, how do you change your rhythm and find 5 extra hours in a day? My husband is doing a phenomenal job trying to take over some of the work I used to do. However, when my younger son got hurt yesterday, I was in trouble by both of my sons for letting my husband try to comfort him without me. My older son, came downstairs about 4 or 5 minutes later and announced, "Where were you? He needs you!" When I came up, my husband gave me a look that said, What else could I have done? "You are doing a great job," I try to encourage him, "it's just that this has been my job for the last 10 years."

Choosing to unschool/homeschool is something that is a way of life to us, and yet, we haven't found that time in the last week or two to help with projects. I already have told the kids that, except for the birthday party, expect mom to be really busy the next week. They already cook for themselves, and yesterday they cleaned the house, I suppose they will figure out how to find ways to move forward with their projects, without our help for another week.

This is going to be an adjustment for all of us, now that mommy is working.

I am less than 50 emails away from my launching goal of 100 women subscribers to start the Magazine with. I am still looking for more writers, recipes, and artists to fill the pages with other creative voices. (This might be a hint for you!) I am also trying to get the word out there about our launch date in creative ways.

My graphics are still being entered and functions are not all ready for action. Launching in one week? NO PROBLEM! I feel like those guys who, when remodeling our home, would look into my eyes of hope and tell me, no problem, we will get it done. Of course, that never actually happened. Not once. Have I become one of those guys?

So I breathe, I open myself up to the universe and say, I am here and ready to work. Show me what and where, and I will work. I will do my best to remember to kiss my kids and husband, sleep, exercise, drink water, and have moments of silence. I have always done what others have told me what I am supposed to, and now something has shifted. I am the one who is supposed to know the what and where. I am the head contractor of this building site. I am supposed to have the answers and make final decisions. Yet, I still call my girlfriends for advice and help and last minute ideas. I wish I had a big company. I would just call a meeting of staff to brainstorm these final decisions. But I don't, and it really comes down to me. What do I want? What is the creative force inside of me wanting to create? And the wisdom comes down as, if you knew you could not fail, what would you love to do right now?

It is up to the confidence in my choices again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Having Fun on the Path to Launch!

Wow! Time is growing short. So much fun to be had, also known as, so many "to dos" on my list. I am visualizing my spirit in the midst of a whole ball of excitement and fun! After all, why not? Going to visit the city hall to sign up for a license? FUN! Working on the "how to submit an article" page for the site? FUN!

Sometimes, when our list of things to do begin to pile up, we start to feel it getting heavy on our minds. We tell ourselves, "I HAVE to get this done!" "This NEEDS to be done as soon as possible!" We become our own parent, boss or teacher who is putting pressure on the result, instead of remembering that we were the ones who actually wanted what we are doing! We forget we put ourselves on this path. How does this happen? How do we keep our focus on the fun of the journey, and not the results?

Every week, I pull out my giant white board that is divided into categories and write down the items that I want to accomplish in each category for the week. The key word here is "want." If I am tired or stressed, when I look at those same items I was excited about Monday morning, I start to tell myself they are "have tos" and "must dos" and my excitement wanes. My fix for this is to focus on self care and remember how much fun I am having. The excitement of starting a business can be overwhelming. Yes, there is a small amount of fear in there, but the excitement supersedes that in the beginning and you just keep moving forward with jumps and success dances and high fives. Everything is new and fun and you are so thrilled to be in the middle of it. This sometimes takes a toll on your energy as you stay up late to finish projects, or wake up early to start new ones. Forgetting to sleep, eat and take breaks is becoming commonplace. Here is a list to keep the fun in creating our business.

Step one: Focus on Self Care:
Pick a rising time and a bed time range. Stick to it and get some sleep.
Buy your favorite healthy foods. Then schedule in prep time on your calendar to actually prepare them.
Meditate, breathe, and take time for silence and being present. Let your gratitude shine.
Exercise daily. This is crucial for mental health and good ideas!
Plan fun time outside of your business. Schedule in a break every few days to focus on other things you enjoy in life and remember your business is not you, just a part of you.

Step two: Remember, It's fun!
Keep a journal with you (or start a blog) and write down all your best moments, to reread from time to time.
Make sure you talk to your support system when you have forgotten the fun!
Make a finish line for goals each week and plan celebrations with friends or family when you pass the finish line.
Put up all your accomplishments (such as your business cards, banners, incorporation seal) on the walls of the house, like when you were a child, to acknowledge your success.
Laugh a lot!

So off I go, into the world of fun, marking tasks off the list, crossing finish lines, and having a blast doing it!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Little More of Me, A Little More of You!

It has been an interesting week in my trail-blazing. We got our business license, which was a piece of cake, and I continued to blaze...

The partnership for the clothing line fell through, because they were not truly excited about my vision, which disappointed me, and began a cord of doubting questions to other parts of my work. My mind chatter was saying, if that didn't work, what else was I doing that might fail as well? For about a day, off and on, I wondered if my ideas, my creations were what the world wanted to see. This led to wanting to redesign the website, as I heard the voices of ego tell me, it was just too feminine and not hip and cool, like some of the other websites out there.

People will say things to you about being "too (fill in the blank)" throughout your life. Lines I have heard in my life are, I am too naive, too open, too over-excited, too simplistic, too trusting, too emotional, too controlling, too worried, too sensitive, too weird, too out of touch, too idealistic, too girly, too analyzing, too honest, and too wordy (are you thinking that now?). Of course there is a list of more negative ones, but why go there? What I have come to realize over the past couple of days is that, yes, I am all of those things to some extent, and isn't that what makes this world so fabulous? Everyone has their own lists, creating new ways to see the world, making it a whole lot more fun and interesting. Joyously, there are also enough people on this planet whose list is going to match up with your list, which reminds you that you are not alone.

Who decided there is only one right way to do things?

What I know is true is there are enough successful people out there who said I am just going to be myself, and it worked! My website and children's book are based on my preferences and my experiences. If I can't let that energy flow, it won't be creatively fun, and that won't fit the vision for my life. Yes, my website is girly, and yet, whenever I look at it, I just love it! It is me all over the place. Swirly and girly with fancy font and blues and purples with flowers and happy thoughts. It always brings a smile to my face. Yet, I have had some well-meaning, differing opinions from friends.

There have been some who have told me that I should leave the "beautifully" out of our tag line, but how could it be my website, without that? I live for beauty. Not the kind you see in a magazine, but colors, and nature and friend's smiles, and the kind of beauty when someone looks you in the eyes and you can see their joy. Some have said they don't like the word "community" to represent online groups. But to me, this could be an amazing community. It is a perfect gathering space for women going through the powerful change in our lives, to come and hang out and connect, exchange ideas and support each other. Some have said they don't think I should mention age ranges. I really thought about this and it might change, actually. I do see how common it is for women 30 to 50 to ask themselves dynamic questions and watch their power emerge. Some have said "blissfully" is over-used. I say it hasn't been used enough. Some have said "authentic" is cliche', and other's have said it should only be used for describing food. The word authentic rang so beautifully to me, that it is the one word mission statement for my life .

I have welcomed the ideas and help that has been generously shared with me, as I really value new perspectives that keep the juices flowing. Many ideas have helped me shift my thoughts and I have grown because of them, while others I have had to let go. I keep coming back to the same conclusion. I want to see these projects as creations born from my ideas and passions, while sculpted along by the passions of others who want to see them become successful. And the bottom line is they may be successful and they may fail, but I am the only one who will fail if I don't allow my ideas to stay true to what I want to see. Those failing beliefs are: 1. There is only one way to make it right and 2. I don't have enough knowing to do it right. That was when I realized the amazing gift of the partnership dissolving. I learned that it is worth the failure to try it once with your own creative inspiration.

This is our world. We can be the creators of what we see before us. Right or wrong, good or bad, I have decided to put a little more of me into the design of my world. I encourage you to try it out, if you haven't already, and put a little more of you out there, too.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We are incorporated!

We are now Authentic Times, Inc! We were so confused about how to get started when we decided to incorporate, but we found it was actually pretty easy to do. There was a whole lot to learn, however. We decided to not hire a lawyer because we really wanted to learn and understand how to become incorporated ourselves. First hand knowledge, we believe, is the best kind. We did get a consultation from our accountant to decide which type of incorporation we should do, C corp, S corp or LLC? He was extremely helpful at explaining the difference and tax benefits of each. We also bought Incorporating Your Business for Dummies, which is an easy to understand, well organized book that will show you how to file and run a corporation. I highly recommend it!
We were able to file online, and my husband and I pushed the button FILE. We then turned to each other and gave a big high five! Our next step is to get our business license through the state and the city.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

First post, new life!

It is so exciting to be sharing with you the changes in my life and the direction it's going. Let me tell you a bit about where I have been.

I was living my housewife life with my husband working the 50 hour week and I was a stay-at-home mom of my two boys for 10 years. About 2 1/2 years ago, I had a huge melt down. My life looked completely foreign to me. What had I been doing and how did I get there? Tired and frustrated, I had lost my excitement for life. My kids were in school, my husband at work, and I was alone with nothing to look forward to, except remodeling our home and cooking the next meal. It was my life, and not my house, that seriously needed a remodel. I began homeschooling my kids, to give my life more purpose. Homeschooling was a whole new world, where I met beautiful people who believed children are perfect beings discovering their own journey and don't need to be told when to grow or what to be excited about. Somewhere inside, I thought, maybe I could look at my life in the same way. It was then I made a decision that changed my life. I hired a life coach.

She opened my heart and I remembered what I loved about life! Within 3 months, I was selling our large home and most of what we owned. My husband quit his 10 year career as a software engineer. We bought a Eurovan and began to plan our new future. We had decided to be free, to live and breathe and learn and play. We had big hopes and big plans.

We found quickly that some old habits, especially when unidentified, hold on tight. We no longer had a mortgage or a schedule or the stress of not being together, and yet, we hadn't fully changed on the inside. After 6 months on the road, while eating beignets at the Cafe Du Monde, in New Orleans, we knew we needed to go home. We needed to regroup and figure out our mission statement. We needed to discover where do we go from here and how?

Within a week of being on the west coast, I wrote a children's book. It came from beyond anything that I knew, and it was good. I was excited about the possibilities, and I was itching to make it happen, so we went up north to where we last called home. Our old stomping grounds didn't seem to fit, so we left our friends and what we knew and moved to a smaller town about an hour away, that we had always loved, even farther from the big city. My husband wanted to start a business and be his own boss, and after 2 strong ideas, nothing came of it. I was extremely disappointed , because with each new business, I found tons of energy inside myself, creating business names, ideas of marketing, creating jobs I would be responsible for, and dreaming of working again. I was on fire!

This fire pushed me to find an illustrator for my children's book and I thought this was my new path. Little did I know, it was only one of many.

My husband finally got the idea to create websites and he would have a lot to learn, since he was a software engineer, not a web developer. He decided, as a way to start, he would use me as his first client. He asked me what kind of website would I want? Well, I thought, it had to be for women my age, something to inspire, someplace to have real talks about what we really think about our changing bodies, our changing relationships, our changing spirits. I began to read information about these ideas and write about what I thought. I stopped following my old habits, and began meditating and listening to my inner guidence. After a 3-day spiritual experience, I knew I could never go back to my old life, my old ways, and my old beliefs.

I connected with my life coach again and she was so excited for me, and told me I was ready to share with the world all I have learned. I realized I needed to give back and spread the news of wellness and energy and possibilities. I was ready to encourage others with the tools I had learned and the journey I had taken. Becoming a Life Coach answered that need. My husband continued to create my dream website and what came out of his work, was not a job for himself, but a beautiful opportunity for me to express this new honest spirit in me. I put the website and my life coaching business together and that is when was born.

So that brings you up to speed with where we are. My husband is practicing the art of stay-at-home dad while he is bringing to it's final stages. You can visit the very rough construction site, and click on the link celebrate with us, if you want to sign up on the celebration list for our launch date. My book is being finished and we are self publishing before the end of the year. I have started an inspired clothing line, and I am in the throws of becoming incorporated. As I look around, at the amazing connections with others on this journey, and it is all so effortless, so beautiful and so perfect. Stay inspired and walk with me towards Authentic Times!