Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a Beautiful Month....ly cycle!

So the last two days, I thought I might have been going through another detox, Yikes!

However joyously today, I found I was just getting my monthly cycle. Who knew? With low symptoms (lots of spaciness,) I woke up to my period and found that I haven't gained a pound! What? I usually gain 5 pounds the week of my period and spend the next 3 weeks slowly falling back until I gain it back again. I have done this for years.

Since I have been on raw food (2 weeks now) I have lost 11 pounds. But then the weight loss stopped. Since I didn't do this to lose weight (read the last 6 posts and find out how it happened), I didn't take much notice as I continued to eat whatever I wanted, which for right now is 100% raw food. I have been feeling mostly good and high energy.

Let me tell you I haven't felt sooooo AMAZING on my period... well, since I can REMEMBER! This morning I got up and danced and danced for 40 minutes feeling connected to the beauty of the universe!

Raw food has given me the clarity and energy to live during a time I usually feel like I am dying. Yes, this IS right. This is where my body wants to be!


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