Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Recording of my First Interview!

Here is the Show!!!

The show went well, I was nervous, but like riding the rapids down awesome Class 4 rapids, there was lots of laughter and it was a whole lot of YAHOO fun!

Listen to Harry Shade - A Spiritual Man on a Mission! on internet talk radio

Leave a comment on the site, if you feel inspired...
smiles and laughter,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Listen in tonight to my very First Interview!

Tonight, Wednesday, October 29th at 8pm -Pacific/ 11pm -Eastern

Tune into Harry Shade's Interview with Rain on his Blog Talk Radio Show.

I have so much to say... or do I?
Well if you listen in... you will find out.

It is all very fun and exciting.
I hope you will listen in.
Just click the icon below!

Listen to Harry Shade - A Spiritual Man on a Mission! on internet talk radio

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Uploaded Graphic...oooh it can be done!

Thank you Homemom3! You inspired me to upload my first ever picture to my blog. And I have been blogging for almost 2 years! Technology seems to elude me sometimes...
So here is a picture of the main character of my book (coming out next week) and a bite about the BlogTalkRadio show I am being interviewed on called the Relaxed Homeschooler on Monday, November 10th at 10am Central or 8am-PST and 11am-EST.

And as the picture shows, we will be having a contest where you can get a chance to win a free signed copy of my new book! Check out the link below to connect to the Relaxed Homeschooler with Kim on BlogTalkRadio.
Hope to have you there listening and calling in!

Listen to Relaxed Homeschooler on internet talk radio

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joyful Thought

Celebrate your joy! Live it, love it! Dance, Sing and Jump for JOY! Really have wild fun! The more you celebrate it authentically from spirit, the more often it will come, and the more practice you will get remembering yourself laughing in joy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waiting patiently for the Delivery...

So many people have been asking me lately...

"How is your book?"
"Do you have your book yet?


It's a challenge dealing with life outside of your control.

The book has finally been reprinted, due to previous error, and it has been cut and sorted (all 100,000 sheets of it) and is now happily in the hands of the binder. YES!

The binder is going to glue and stitch it all together and make it pretty.
He will then ship it back to us (he is just across the water in Seattle) and the Printer said, "next Wednesday"... then paused. "At least before Friday" and I let it my expectation of next week go.

It doesn't matter to me anymore. I am excited yes, but for everyone, who has pre-ordered their book, they are my first priority. The book is a month late.

I feel like a big uncomfortable overdue pregnant woman, saying INDUCE, INDUCE!
But I have no special liquid to inject to make this baby come before it is ready.

I am prepared for it's arrival, however, with all the envelopes labeled so that that I can sign the book, and drop it in the mail the day we bring it home.

Hopefully, the book will be worth everyone's wait!

I know it is worth mine. The day I hold this baby in my arms... oh yeah....

I know it will will be worth every minute!


Friday, October 17, 2008

I Just LOVE Writing...

Funny how my life has turned upside down since last year. That was when I wrote my first children's book. Well, any book for that matter. That was when I took a stand and said, I am a writer.
At 37 years old, I am a writer!

I was one of those early self-taught readers before I was four. I loved books! I read and read and read, until I started school. It took years before the school system caught up with my love of reading! And when they did, they EXPECTED me to read.

Sad to say, it didn't take long before I hated reading... somewhere around 3rd grade. I remember it because it was when I transfered my love of reading other's stories to writing my own. I started a journal, no... in 3rd grade it's a Diary... Dear Diary... and like a lot of my friends, I was a faithful writer, most of the time.

By the time I was a senior in high school, my English teacher told me lots of kudos about my writing. He told me to take creative writing in college, that somehow he thought I might find my life in writing. I thought about it... and I wrote all about it in my diary.

Then I started the big college classes. I kind of laugh while I still feel nausea in the pit of my stomach when I think about what happened in my first Shakespearean English Freshman College Class. After turning in my first fabulous creative paper, my teacher gave me my first "C" in English I had ever received in my entire life!

When I asked her about it, she said I had a low level understanding of the English language, that I had no grasp of how to write a real paper.

I heard simply, "I am not a writer." It may seem unbelievable to you, but that was it. I lost interest in school, I lost interest in becoming a writer, at least that is what I wrote in my diary...

After many colleges and dropouts later, I finally finished school in Community Studies at UCSC. Some crazy hippie inspired major to teach kids how to organize the people for change. I became a waitress instead..

Years go by and I wrote all about it in my diary, or journal I should say at this point. Next, I met my husband. There were a few years my diary and my soon-to-be-husband tried to work it out, but passion won over and I found it was best to stop writing in a childish diary... and move on.

I was 27 and had written in over 15 diaries about my life since 3rd grade.

Life went on. I had my sweet babies, got married, bought and sold houses and then I was introduced to the most fabulous invention in the world.

A Blog! We were about to take a 7 month trip around the US in a Eurovan with my family after selling our home and everything we owned and I thought. Hmmmm.... Maybe people will be interested...

I began writing again! Right from the beginning it soothed my soul. It brought out my best. It made me feel whole. I loved it, and best of all, people started following it. They were commenting on my writing style. They told me they loved the feelings I brought to my stories and I should be a writer. Of course, I laughed and thought about my freshman English teacher and said, "Yeah! Right!"

Once our trip had ended, we returned to my family's home (as we had none of our own) so that I could recover from a serious illness. 3 days later, I sat down with my computer and before I knew it... in just 15 minutes... I had written a children's book.

One year and a couple of months later, that book is coming out in just a week or two from the printers. While the book was being produced, I have written tons of articles, started a magazine, which I also edit, write weekly blogs, and now get paid to be an editor for other writer's work.

I just LOVE writing... Of course, I love it! And most of all, I love encouraging others to believe in their stories... to believe in their writing, and BELIEVE in themselves.

smiles and joy,

Dedicated to my 8th grade English teacher, wherever you are.
You were RIGHT!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Wind

The Wind

I love the wind as it blows against my body, my hair, my face and the sound it makes blowing by my ears.
Sometimes I love to just stand in the strong wind, open arms, planted feet and really feel the power of the world all around me.

Stand to face the wind and your face is touched. The resistance of personal strength feels good for awhile,
though eventually I become tired of fighting it.

Stand towards the direction of where the wind is blowing
and you can get blown over....

Unless you trust and walk along with it.
That is when the journey becomes a breeze...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here we go again with the "Crisis" Talk

Every time I watch TV, I remember why I don't own one. My family and I went out for what was supposed to be a fun dinner out, when we were told we were in CRISIS!

"OH NO!" I thought, "Crisis?!?" Of course, I was laughing inside my head, until after about 5 minutes later, after all their compelling sensationalism, I felt stressed even though I didn't believe what they were saying would change my world. (*Please turn off your TV.)

It seems every year there is a crisis. I also notice that no matter what, I am sitting, standing and laying down. I am eating, driving, working, raising my children, loving my family, friends, and especially loving my life....

Is it wrong to love your life when there is a crisis? Is there a crisis at all?

Maybe for some who over-extended into buying a home. Maybe for some whose livelihood were based in brokers, mortgages, real estate and such. Maybe for those invested in oil -in the last few months.... Maybe for some who had high risk portfolios and are retired... FEEL like there is a crisis.

After all, people are losing money, jobs, homes and way of life. Is that a crisis? That same thing has happened every day, every month, every year. Those in this current pickle, and those who have experienced this outside of the current media will live. They will pick up the pieces and move forward.

Truth is, there is nothing else they can do.

Crisis is a state of mind. And gambling is not a safe bet. We all do it at some level when we invest, create a business, or do anything with our lives that we believe will make us money. My husband and I saw that housing was too easy to make money and for too long, so we got out of the housing market. We had already lost huge gains in the dot com market and decided to keep our housing profits safe in a local bank CD account almost 2 years ago.

We didn't make a fortune in oil or other possibilities like others, and we also are not losing any money like others. We are not big gamblers.

And although we are surrounded by big casinos, we don't like to take our money and throw it to the wind of chance. We just work too hard for it. So we have our savings, we have our businesses, and we have our rented home. We also know our savings could be wiped out, our businesses could fail and we may not be able to afford rent a home at some point.

Anything is possible, but thinking life is in crisis every year, almost makes life unbearable.

We can only do what we can do now. We can only make choices that make sense to our heads and hearts. We can only stand, sit and lay down, whether that is comfortable or not, is just life.

What we CAN do is find joy, love, observe, have fun, feel the amazing range of feelings we all share as humans and just enjoy and live this game called life....

You decide if you want to play a friendly game of Pictionary or a risky game of Roulette...


Thursday, October 2, 2008

OneTough Woman Business Owner

I have been thinking a lot lately about the interesting place a woman business owner has in this world. For instance, twice in the last month, I have been reprimanded personally for not allowing advertising on my website and for not giving away my coaching services for free.


The response wasn't, "Oh, I understand, this is your policy."
It is "I can't believe this is how you think the world works..." along with a personal smear about my email manners, which when my husband reread my responses, assured me that I was just being kind, but firm.

Another interesting occurrence, in the year 2008, is the way I am treated when I am with my husband.

When we crossed the Canadian border, I was driving and the border patrol asked what I did for a living, which I responded to happily all the businesses I ran (yes, as a new multrepreneur, I am still happy to tell everyone what I do.) He then leaned over and said, "And what do you do, sir?" My husband said, "I am the stay-at-home dad to my boys...." but the man gave him a strange look and so my husband added, "of course, I used to be in software...."
This has never happened the other way around when my husband has been the one driving across. What I did for a living never seemed to come up.

When I went to the printers to talk about approving the final copy of my book, my husband showed up as a surprise to support me (sweet guy that he is) and for the first 15 minutes, they spoke to him, asked him questions and assumed he had anything to do with (except loving inspiration) my project that I have been working on intensely for over a year.

I feel the great responsibility, that my husband once had, of being the sole monetary support of our family through my work. Yet, I feel the role that I am expected to play is so much different than if I was a man.

An expected role of over-generous with my time and resources, over-kind and understanding for those who don't agree with my rules, bendable-over-backable, and flexible in my policies.
This all is expected while we are also expected the same at home with our children and our husbands.
Sound familiar business women?

The strangest part is, I expected the same thing from other women owned businesses.. before I knew... oh... before I truly understood.

It's almost like you choose women businesses because you have a better chance to get more, much more while paying less! No wonder, you see so many women who become cold and closed off after years of this kind of expectation and treatment (and have given in to it for too long.) What is a woman to do? (besides many trips to the day spa!)

I am not interested in the current roles to play and becoming bitter.

I chose my businesses because being of service is what I love. Being kind to everyone is my favorite practice. Being firm about the policies that I have decided are important to my businesses, doesn't seem to feel natural to me, but it does seem vitally important right now. Playing a role isn't my style as I tend to live a life blazing my own trail.

As far as the latest incidences, I wonder: Do I have to take my punches? Am I just paying my dues? Is it karma?

Always asking questions, never taking a situation for granted and allowing the path to unfold is the only way I know how to take this journey. Meanwhile, I want send out my deepest gratitude for all the women who have gone before, to make my journey so much easier and acknowledge their amazing giving nature! Thank you and Blessings!