Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Raw Food Surprise - part 4

This is part 4 of my journey into raw food.

Pursuit of the Green Smoothie Blender

I went home that day from Moira's with the borrowed book and feeling amazingly energetic. I was excited about feeling so good inside my body and how this green smoothie filled me up. I was also excited about this amazing blender that turned rough kale into liquid and I immediately began researching the Vita-mix online. I was shocked at the sticker price! Over $400 for a new one!

I picked the book I borrowed up and began to read "The Sunfood Diet Success System" by David Wolfe. I was immediately enchanted by the story of this man and his journey into eating raw food. He had so much experience and knowledge. I stopped working on my business so I could read. I read with my computer next to me so I could research all this new information in the book. I felt pulled to this new knowledge on raw food so before I went to bed that night, for the first time in my life, I soaked my sunflower seeds to put on my morning cereal.

The next morning, I was craving a green smoothie! I ate my cereal and soaked seeds, but wished I lived closer to my friend with the Vita-mix. So
I put out a couple of "Wanted Vita-mix" posts on my local "buy and sell" Yahoo groups and Craigslist to see if I could find a used one. Afterall, I wasn't sure I would use it that much. I waited for a response while I eagerly read David Wolfe's fascinating book. That was the first day I began literally eating up his advice.

I went to my local co-op and bought goji berries, more fruit and veggies and a raw kale salad (to go) from the amazing partially raw deli our co-op has. I noticed with each live food I put in my body I felt alive and full of energy. At lunch, I had eaten a small plate of tofu and rice pasta and within 30 minutes, I noticed my energy die down. I couldn't believe it! This was a typical meal that I had been eating for over 20 years and I never realized that it lowered my energy! I needed a green smoothie!
I went to my email... no response from my posts, so I looked on Ebay. None of the auctions for Vita-mix's were finishing in the next day, so that night I settled for my kale salad and I felt alive again. Again, I soaked my sunflower seeds for the morning and fell asleep reading David's book.

The next morning, I woke up feeling desperate for a green smoothie. I pulled out my Magic Bullet and made my favorite fruit smoothie without the yogurt. I felt somewhat relieved, but I knew I needed to find a Vita-mix. I checked my email again, no response except from another women who said if I found an extra that she wanted one, too. I received responses from the ones I found on Craigslist (in Seattle) and they were both sold. Living 2 hours from Seattle in a small town, I knew it would be extremely hard to find one used.

When my husband woke up, I found the courage to tell him about the $400+ blender that I wanted, hoping he wouldn't think I was nuts. His slow, thoughtful response was appreciated because I had a feeling he did think I was going overboard. He said, "If you really want one, you should go ahead and buy it." I was so glad to do it, even though I knew that it would be a week before it arrived at my door. Another week before I could have a green smoothie???

What would I do until then?

coming soon...
I Am Not a Raw Foodist, or Am I?

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