Monday, March 2, 2009

Plant a Garden

There is something about caring for something and watching it grow.

When you start, it may be small and not look like anything special.
But with patience, creativity and gentle nurturing,
Something unexpected might just start to sprout.

This is when the real work begins, and when this point comes, you have two choices, one is to enjoy the magic of the sprout and walk away, the other to make a commitment to plant yourself into this project while taking steps to expand and create something even bigger.

At this point, there is a lot of energy going in.
You give and you give and you give, without much in return.
You might wonder why you are doing it. And right when you question if you should continue working on this endless journey, something starts to bloom!

Again you have a choice to stay or walk away. There are many who decide that finding beauty is the end of their journey.
However, for those who take the risk to journey on,those who stay as the petals die and fall,receive something richer beyond their imagination.

Those who stay with it through the end of the long journey, find themselves an abundance to live on.
For those who stay until the end, there is the sweet taste of success!

smiles and inspiration!

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