Saturday, February 28, 2009

Passion Parent Interview

If you missed my interview with Christine, here it is for you to listen in as we talk about homeschooling, unschooling, parenting and life.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Full Week with Family, Peace and the Work

This week my family came back from a long trip away. We missed each other so much and I took a break from writing the book for most days.

I am at about 141 pages and 31,000 words.

I am amazed at what writing a book does to your brain. I feel it is so fast paced and fun when I am in the zone. The words are pouring out and it all makes sense. Then after I put away the book and I am no longer in any zone, I feel so uncreative. Zoned OUT! I can barely think now to write... lol!

I love all there is to learn about living life!

I went to see Byron Katie in Seattle on Friday and Saturday. If you haven't read her book, Loving What Is, I highly recommend it. It was absolutely lovely to see her in person. The Work became powerful for me once again and I love the way she flows through it with her audience with laughter and compassion. I also found how the peace treaty is a beautiful compliment to The Work. How looking in a bit deeper to question what we are resisting in our lives can end our suffering.

We all need many tools for our toolbox.

The peace treaty workshop is going so well. I love the women in the class! They are connecting and working to create a more peaceful life. I discovered the class will be 4 instead of 3. There is just too much information to process... and I want to celebrate their courage at the end of class!

I hope to have this workshop as an all day live class. It really is a powerful way to understand the essence and power of the peace treaty process.

So with the joys of family, writing a book, and preparing the workshop classes, I realize that is as much as I want to do in a week. So with that in mind, I wish you a beautiful week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today is a day to remind us to remember those we love.
Remember to start where love begins: You!

Fill your cup with a breath and a knowing
that you are perfect where you are today.

Fill your spirit with the joy
for you have created joy for others on your journey.

Fill your heart with warmth
for you have been loved in your life.

Fill your mind with clarity,
for love is waiting for you when you clear out your stories.

Once you fill your cup, let it overflow to others and
share joyously in the connection we all have
to each other.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Book

Well the family has been away and I have been working on the peace treaty book. I have 3-4 more chapters to rough draft in. Then a final writing. So far about 29,000 words in just a couple of weeks.

I am ready for a break.

It will be wonderful to have my family home again and spend time with them. Real people instead of the computer! I miss their faces, their smiles and laughter. Picking them up on Valentine's Day feels just right. So much love. So much to share.

It is so strange how 2 weeks can feel so short and long at the same time, depending on what I am thinking about.

So this is a short post.
The peace treaty workshop starts tonight. I am looking forward to connecting with these women and exploring deeper into the process.

Have a beautiful LOVING weekend.
smiles and gratitude!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This week is all about the peace treaty

This is an amazing week where the process of the peace treaty is a major part of my business. It is only something I have shared for 4 weeks, and yet the response has shown me how powerful it truly is.

This week, I have 2 peace treaty private sessions and 2 informational classes, plus I have had 3 meetings with others who are wanting to be a part of the bringing this into the public eye.

I am so honored to be interviewed by the amazing Sharon Anne on her show, The Voice of Change tomorrow,
February 6th, Friday at 2:30pm PST/5:30 EST
You can also call into the program to listen and/or ask a question at 1 (646) 929-1995
I hope you will join us as we discuss the peace treaty.

Now that my family has left for 10 1/2 days (9 days left) I am currently writing a book about the peace treaty.

So there you have it, a whole lot of peace treaty.
I am so grateful.
I hope you will join us.