Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When Life Changes, Wait on Decisions

Now that we are in motion for the upcoming move 1150 miles south of here, I am amazed as new thoughts, feelings, and decisions come into my view. It is so easy to get caught up in the drama, and it is just as easy to stay out of it. All of the upcoming decisions we have to make could be an easy source for stress and drama. You think and think and think into the future and wonder what is the best choice to make. I have done that in my life and I have learned an important key to keeping it simple:

Making decisions in the present time is the best time to make them!

Otherwise, the stress begins to form because you are making decisions without all the real time information. Soon, your mind will create false information to fill in the blanks until you reach that point in time, and you end up making pre-decisions based on assumption.

Let me give you an example:
One of the most common questions I get is, "Where are you going to move to in Los Angeles?" Since I have never lived there I do not have an honest answer to that. And if I did know the area, what if the kind of home we want isn't available at the time of our move?

This is where being in the here and now is such a gift during life changes. I know where I will live, because I will be faced with a home we have looked at in an area I feel good in. The decision will be there... in that moment. And there is only 2 choices to make, yes or no.

When faced with a yes or no decision in the moment life is happening, it is so much easier to look at all the information you have up until that point, trust your inner guidance and move forward with your decision.

Decisions no longer become long month or year long dramas, they simply are moments in your life. The best part is how much more time it gives me here in the northwest, where I am currently making decisions for the upcoming birthday party of my soon-to-be-8 year old.

That is right now and that is where I love to live.


Cid said...

Yay to birthday parties!!!

Hey, I don't know how often you are going to visit your hubby or if you are driving at all, but any time you make the drive and want a stopping point (for a rest, or even overnight...if you don't mind a couch or air mattress) you and the boys can land here!! We're around 5 hours from LA and right on the way for you :)
Love and Light, Cid

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

Rain Fordyce said...

YOU ROCK! (in so many ways :) I would love to see you on the way down!
I am blessed to have you in my life.

A most gracious thank you!

Angie said...

Wonderful Rain! Live in the moment! You would be surprised how much drama can be created in normal everyday life if you let it:)
I can't wait to hear more about your adventures!
I have to be honest though, although I am so happy for you, part of me is a little disappointed at the timing because we have not had a chance to meet face to face (I live here in the Pacific Northwest) something I was hoping may happen soon. However, we have relatives in California so you never know what the future may hold!
Happy Birthday to your little one! Have a wonderful day!

JudeEastman~LifeCoach said...

I'm loving watching you fly! Wherever you live will unfold in perfect time. You'll thrive where you're planted and grow toward the light, beautifying all who graze upon your garden of growth.

Rain Fordyce said...

I would love to connect with you on our drive down! Please let me know where you are at in the PNW and lets hug in person! I would love that... Thank you for your kindness.

You are so awesome! Thank you for your beautiful words. They came at the perfect time! Thank you my kindred spirit!

love and smiles,