Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Move... Big Changes!

It's time to share with you all what is going on at home here.

While I was innocently on my 2-week non-computer retreat, my husband went out and used his amazing energy to find an opportunity and his dream job.

As I was driving home with the kids and only 4 hours to go from the sunny beaches in Santa Cruz, he shared the news. "We're moving to Hollywood!"

Yes, after living and very much loving the northwest for the past 13 years, we are moving from our small town of only 10,000 residence to Los Angeles, CA one of the biggest cities in the US with a population of 3,834,340! (and that is just in the city's huge limits, the county limits is almost to 10 million!) It is something to wrap our brains around...

It has been a few days with a whirlwind of amazing connections, flow and ease...
The kids are excited.
My husband is excited.
Even I am excited.

There are a few things that are keeping me on Rescue Remedy:
1. My husband is leaving soon... next week and will be down there 3 months before we all move down officially. Even though he will be visiting us and we will come down to visit him, this will be the longest my husband and I have been apart since we have met.

2. Leaving the cool, beautiful and green forest we live in to be in the small dry plots and high population of the hot and sunny city. The trails, the quiet, the serenity of living here is such a gift. My kids love to play in the woods and build forts and create games of amazing outdoor invention. It will be serious culture shock!

3. Smog. I have always been sensitive to it and I love the clean air on the coast of the northwest. There will be a huge adjustment here of relaxing and letting go...

4. Safety. I know there is no such thing as real security... but we don't have dangerous parts of town around here. I let my 10-year old walk to town (an hour long walk) with a friend without worry. This will also be a huge shift and I am actually curious to see how I feel when I am there. Right now, I can't imagine it.

The truth is, those are the only stresses for us as we look towards this new adventure! So we have decided to go for it. We have decided to move to Los Angeles.

My husband will be working in Hollywood, where he can see premeres for new movies right across the street. Where will we actually move to and live? Well I just don't know for sure yet....
If you know of a family friendly, relatively quiet neighborhood that won't be a huge commute from Hollywood.... put your vote in here!

Meanwhile what does this mean for Authentic Times, Inc.?
I will be slowing down for awhile (I guess that is why I was on retreat...) I will still be coaching, editing and doing the peace treaty classes, just less of it as we transition through the move.

Here is to change, courage and our new adventure!!!


Wendy said...

You should talk to the Coburns. They live in LA and I bet could give you some tips. Plus it's a family to connect with.

Good Luck on your adventure!!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Hope to see you next week in WA. Kudos to you on all your adventures!!!!

Rain Fordyce said...

Heather, I wouldn't miss LIG for the world! See you soon!

Wendy, thank you for the tip. I need all the help I can get :)

Thank you both!

Christine said...

Wow, you manifesting machine!

I am so excited for you. I had a feeling something big was going to come of this time away... I did not expect HUGE though.

So, to take one Rescue Remedy need away a bit.... get a nasal spray called Clear (the C has a backwards C on it making it an X). It has Xyltol in it. That stuff is a miracle substance!! It make the mucus slippery so the bacteria does not group together. It is a sinus life saver!

I did some research on the internet and found Xyltol gum helps kids not get ear infections by something like 50%!

Then a few weeks ago my dentist tells me the best thing for my daughter to brush her teeth with (a non-negotiable in our house too! Hehe) is not a tooth paste (acidic and abrasive by definition in the USA) but to use a Xyltol tooth gel! Again, the bacteria can not clump together and cause tooth decay!

So back to your adventure! I am so excited to hear how the big change creates so much opportunity for growth for you and your family.

I love you and have missed you. Wanted to call and say OMG! but I know you have so much to do. Please call when you can!

Christine Hiebel
The Inflatable Bounce House Store

Rain Fordyce said...

Thanks Christine for your tip about Xyltol. I will check it out. Yes, OMG! I will call you in a couple of weeks... so much to do and then the Life Is Good Unschooling Conference next weekend!

Thanks for your love and support!

Jude Eastman said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Coach to the stars! Go forth and enjoy! Am just getting ready to post a new blog-How do you keep everything in perspective?
Just breathe--You will find the perfect spot that meets yours desires there. Love love--Jude

Rain Fordyce said...

Thank you so much Jude! I am so grateful for all the love :)

Amberlee said...

it is always difficult to be away from your hubby no matter the length of time. It was 4-5 months for us not too long ago now. I still remember how tough it was on everyone. Worth it though. You'll be in our prayers and congrats! What a neat adventure to be on.

Rain Fordyce said...

Thank you Amberlee for your kind thoughts and words! I loved meeting you and hope you are doing well!