Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Sunday of Playing Sports

Those of you who love the American game of football, may be thrilled because it’s that time again for Superbowl Sunday. American’s day at the Coliseum, lion vs. man, with tons of funny commercials selling us junk food, overpriced shoes and gas guzzling trucks all together with an over-hyped musical performance in the middle of the event.

Where does that leave those of us who are not motivated by such a day of events?

Many women have said “enough!” We are done trying to fake the enjoyment of the Superbowl and create dip in French bread that looks like a football (yep, I have done that!) But what are the alternatives? We may organize a play date with your other mom friends who don’t want to watch or you may try to leave your kids with the men or a sitter and go out with your friends to luncheon, shop or get pampered.

What if, instead of falling into the world of man vs. woman, where they watch sports and we go to the spa or go shopping, we get inspired to be part of the athletics in a new way?

Why not gather a group of friends, men and women (and the kids) and actually play a game of soccer or flag football? If the weather doesn’t allow for outside sports where you live, you might reserve an indoor field or how about team bowling or indoor tennis to make some happy memories based on working the muscles in your body, instead watching someone else’s.

You can make new traditions and take back the fun of sports by actually playing them and being involved. Pick your color and your team and enjoy the thrill of running, catching and being a part of the game.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

That sounds really cool! Thanks for the invite to the peace treaty. I will try to join. I am sure I could use it. LOL.

We have winter games going on here in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend.

Rain Fordyce said...

So glad you will be there, Heather! smiles!
I am watching the Super Laundry Bowl today. Family is leaving tomorrow... See my other blog.