Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sleeping in 2009

I didn't stay up last night until midnight.

I tried with all my might, but after a very long working week, once I finished publishing, I was kaput! (Hmmm... I don't think I have ever written down the word kaput in my life, lol!)

Oh yes, I tried all the usual ways to stay awake. I played a game with my husband, drank some coffee, watched the kids who were cracking up as they used the new punching bag their aunt got them for the holidays. They were laughing so loud! I thought if anything can keep me awake, it's my boys!

And that is when it happened... too painful! Eyes.... can't.... take.... much... more.... light!
And I was out.

So instead of ringing in the new year, I was sleeping in the new year.

Yet, I am up early to wish you all a beautiful day with bold dreams for your journey over the next 365 days!

Happy New Year!!!
smiles and joy,


Anonymous said...

I didn't make it either! But my daughter, 12, did....and she said she kissed the closk at 12:00 and then went to sleep. Too cute! Happy new year and thanks for inviting me to be your friend on run. ing....I haven't gotten into the habit of checking the site much, but I really like what I see! Where are you in the Norhtwest? We're visiting family there in October...wahoo!!
Beth in MA

Lou said...

Happy New Year Rain!