Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This week is all about the peace treaty

This is an amazing week where the process of the peace treaty is a major part of my business. It is only something I have shared for 4 weeks, and yet the response has shown me how powerful it truly is.

This week, I have 2 peace treaty private sessions and 2 informational classes, plus I have had 3 meetings with others who are wanting to be a part of the bringing this into the public eye.

I am so honored to be interviewed by the amazing Sharon Anne on her show, The Voice of Change tomorrow,
February 6th, Friday at 2:30pm PST/5:30 EST
You can also call into the program to listen and/or ask a question at 1 (646) 929-1995
I hope you will join us as we discuss the peace treaty.

Now that my family has left for 10 1/2 days (9 days left) I am currently writing a book about the peace treaty.

So there you have it, a whole lot of peace treaty.
I am so grateful.
I hope you will join us.

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