Monday, December 29, 2008

Attract a New Year's Eve Kiss

I was asked about how to attract a kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve. Here is my fun list of what to do. The law of attraction may just work for you, too!

How to Attract a New Year's Eve Kiss

  1. Do not spend New Year's Eve alone (unless you plan to kiss Dick Clark)- find a party.
  2. Announce to the Universe and yourself, "I would love a New Year's kiss" (nothing wrong with a public announcement.)
  3. Wear comfortable and attractive clothing to the party (if you aren't relaxed and feeling pretty it will show.)
  4. Wear neutral lipstick (dark lipstick might scare a friendly kiss.)
  5. Go early and make sure you introduce yourself to as many people as possible (be open to everyone.)
  6. Have fun! (that is the point of a party, right?)
  7. Tell a friend you are looking to be kissed (maybe she knows "just the guy.")
  8. Let go of the kiss happening (allow the magic to happen...)
  9. Feel the joy as though you already have been kissed (share your positive vibration with the Universe.)
  10. At 11:45, if you haven't met someone you click with romantically, look around the room and ask yourself, "Who looks like they would love a kiss from me?" Walk up to him and offer your joyous celebration of the New Year with a friendly kiss at midnight.


Catherine Behan said...

Hi Rain,

Love this post! I would love to post it on my blog, I hope you won't mind!!

No wonder we resonate with each other's work!

Here's to a SPECTACULAR 2009!


Rain said...

What an honor! I love your blog, too! Share away, just put my name and blog on the post.

Thanks and a magical new year to you!

Anonymous said...

I followed the steps almost exactly and received many kisses and snuggles at the magic moment!

Rain said...

Love it Carter!
Congratulations on attracting what you really want!

smiles and joy,