Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My apologies for gossiping....

I am not one for gossip and heresay.
But I trusted my source.

If you have ever read or listened to Michael Neill (Hay House Radio or you will know that he is a kind, compassionate coach to the stars.
He has inspired me greatly over the last year, and I am grateful to be on his newsletter list. This post is from his newsletter.

I loved this article below as it resonated with my own experience with dieting.

I am so sorry that I repeated gossip about Susan Powter and the others listed in Michael's writing. As I did not mean to insult anyone or create any confusion.

I was merely trying to pass on what I thought was good news.

Blessings and smiles,


Chris said...

And you are not responsible for what others write. Just because you choose to post an article written by someone else does not mean you support 100% everything in that article. Give me a break. That is on him. You were reposting on the overall concept of the article, which was good BTW.

Sorry you were forced to recant or even comment on something you meant no harm to, Rain.

Rain said...

Thank you Chris.
Your kind words brighten my day.

smiles and joy,

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the quick correction. I admire that...


Michael said...

Actually this is completely on me. I wrote the article back in 2004 after reading the Ancel Keys study.

The Susan Powter line was a reference to something my wife and I read when we were basing our diet on her teachings. The article (apparently) quoted Powter justifying having a rib removed as a personal choice and not incongruous with her message to "stop the insanity". We found it ironic at the time and I remembered it when I was writing my tip.

As I no longer have any idea where the original article was published (this was in the '90's) and a friend of hers is online refuting it, I'm happy to take her word for it and apologise for my mistake!

For anyone interested in the original Ancel Keys research, there's a fairly easy to follow summation here:

Michael Neill