Thursday, December 11, 2008

Connecting in the Now to Our Own Journey

We are all on our own journey. Although sometimes we share the path with others, we cannot walk someone else's journey, and they cannot walk ours. Journeys can create joy or suffering. We suffer when we do not trust our own perceptions or when live in the past or future.

Many people suffer because they become stuck in their past journey or worry about what might happen to their future journey. Everyone has lost the here and now at some point. Sometimes people decide to live for a destination (the future.) This is expressed in sentences such as: If I make enough money, get that job, lose that weight, then I will... be happy or fill in the blank.

Other times people live for what they already know is safe (the past.) This may look like someone who says: This worked two years ago, it should work again. This is the only way to do it! Why can't things be like the good ol' days?

To find the here and now, take a breath. Look around. See where you are in your journey right now… I am in my living room, it is dark outside, I hear the heater running, I am feeling peaceful.

We can also suffer when we do not trust our own journey. During our life, we make choices all along the way. We are then given an experience and we have perceptions of our experiences. We then connect our choice with the experience.
For example: Choice: When I chose to go to bed early every night for a week:

A) Experience: I slept more.
Perception: It felt good.
Connection: Choosing to go to bed early is best for you.
B) Experience: I couldn't sleep through the night.
Perception: It felt frustrating.
Connection: It is better to choose to stay up later and wake up at a normal hour.

Both of these connections seem reasonable. The problem is when it is not your own connection. When others try to impose their connections onto your journey, it can create conflict and suffering. People may say you must be tired, cold, or worried because of your travels. They equate their connections they have made on their journey to be the only truth. When we attach to others connections, we suffer.

There will always be a voice or two that questions your choices on how you take your journey. They may also have doubts about your perception about your experiences, therefore believe you are crazy to have the connections you have made. Just know, no matter how convincing they sound, you are the only one who can know the truth for your own perceptions, experiences and choices.

Thank the stars above for all the caring people in your life who help you remember to stay in your own business and wish them peace and comfort in their own choices and perceptions of their lives. Their hearts are in the right place.

Now, take a chance! Choose, experience, perceive and connect all on your own, in your own way and watch the magic happen.


Kirsten said...

Love it! Thank you so much. Good true.

Rain said...

Thank you Kirsten. I am honored.
smiles and joy