Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making a Living With my Gifts

It is amazing to me how fast this year has gone by. So much has happened and I am overjoyed at our successful new businesses. As of this month, I am supporting my family through my life coaching- Coaching With Rain, Yahoo!!!

I was thinking about the surreal moment I felt the spark to become a life coach. I wasn't sure if I could do it, so I didn't admit it to my own life coach for over two months as I knew that she would encourage me to make it a reality. When I did tell her, sure enough, I had clients within the month. It has been so amazing to connect with these phenomenal people through coaching! I have learned so much! I have also heard again and again that I have found my calling. Could this be my calling, living the life I have always dreamed about? It is true I have truly found a place to use and share the gifts I came here with.

My gift of energy sensitivity, my gift of empathy, my gift of total honesty, my gift of seeing the immense beauty in everyone.

However, at one point in my life, I believed these gifts were actually negative traits that I had to rid myself of. Here is why:
  • The gift of energy sensitivity turned me into an introvert and was unable to be in large groups of people very long (school was tremendously difficult for me just for this reason.) I didn't know how to separate my energy from others and I felt like a prisoner to whoever I spent time with.
  • The gift of empathy shows no age or authority boundaries, and I used to be told to be quiet, if I mentioned how I understood my teachers, parents, or any other authorities feelings. " What does a child know?" they would say. I really didn't know, I felt.
  • The gift of total honesty, before I was living in joy, well, you can imagine what kind of trouble I got into with friends, family and just about everyone else. Good or bad, it just comes out. Through finding my inner joy, this trait has actually become my greatest gift.
  • The gift of seeing the immense beauty in everyone was truly confusing, since I did not see it in myself. I walked around in a world where everyone seemed so amazing talented and beautiful, and I was not. No wonder I suffered from depression. Once I discovered how to see my own beauty and I could truly see it inside myself, I was brought to tears, and still am. This world is a beautiful place.

We all have amazing gifts and we all are so talented and beautiful. (Really! You are, too! I promise!) That is the secret. We ALL are, just unique in our own way.

Now, I see these traits for what they are, and recognize them as gifts and not negative traits to rid myself of. Now, I can share them with as many people who are attracted to them.

Gratitude is so deep in my heart today.
Thank you so much to all that is.
Life is truly a wonderful puzzle.

smiles and joy,

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Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am so very happy for you and glad to know your story. I know you have touched a lot of lives and the unschooling community is happy to have you! My friend (guru) and her family loved her signed copy of the book! It meant a lot to her and her family. You deserve all your success.

~Heather ;)