Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Finally HERE!!!! My first children's book!

Yes, yes yes!!! It is here and it is truly a beautiful book in so many ways.

I am already being flooded with heart warming stories from moms and children who love their book. Knowing that this is a bedtime story for children and they are seeing themselves and their lives in this story fills me with boundless joy!!!

This was a project that was co-created by the most amazingly kind people that I know (and love). I believe the energy of kindness is what makes everything about this book, characters, story, look and feel so amazing....

Anyone who has done anything like this, understands that it is a not a job of one, but of many! I am so grateful for everyone in my life and who I have met to create this amazing book. This book is the collaborative work of:

Inspiration, Creation and Edit Department, my two boys - Without you, there would be no book. Your fantastic ideas made this book better than I ever could have done on my own. Thank you! I love you both so much. You are my inspiration and joy!!!

Illustrator, Audrey Cherney - your work is simply amazing! I love your humor and warm artistry as well as your drive to excellence! It truly shows! I am grateful to have met you!

Book Graphic Designer, Support and Ideas, Scott Perry - you made something good, so much better! I love the ladybug action and all your ideas and huge support! Your true creative and gentle nature show in this book.

Edits and Ideas, Jeannine Hall - you helped me bring my writing into a whole other realm of flow! Working with you on this project was so much fun. Your ideas were brilliant!

Support, Mom and Dad - because you loved me that much! Your constant enthusiasm for this project always made my day and pushed me forward. Thank you!

Support, Ideas and Love, Charlie Fordyce - our partnership is what creates my inspiration into action! You are phenomenal and the most amazing man! Everyday I am gifted to spend with you is my highest honor.

Thank you Scott Noelle and Naomi Aldort for your most kind words for the back of the book. And the Diane and Stan at the Printery for your enthusiasm to get this done right.

And everyone else who put their ideas out there for me to think about and grow from!!!

I am truly grateful for the many blessings I have in knowing you!

May the co-creative efforts along with the immense joy, kindness and thoughtfulness that went into this book be felt by everyone who reads it.

Smiles and great joy,


Heather's Moving Castle said...

We got our copy today!! It is beautiful!! I read it to my four year old right away. He loved it and wanted me to read it again. I can't wait to read it to my almost 7 year old. He will love it too.

I may have to buy another copy. ;)

~Heather ;)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

My seven year old loves it too!! He said he thought it would make everyone see how fun it is to homeschool, and no one would want to go to school. Both my boys have lots of friends who go to school, as well as friends who unschool. It is so nice to have a book that makes them feel normal and puts their life into perspective. LOL. They love Legos, pizza, and not back to school parties!! The book rocks!! It puts into words what I have been telling them all along.

Thanks, Rain!!


P.S. My 4 year old was so excited to hear the book again. He wanted me to read it 5 times before bed. When is the next book coming out?? LOL.

Rain said...

Thank you for sharing your joy, Heather! That fills my heart with joy! Now we are all happy, happy joy joy! lol!

I truly am most grateful your boys love the book.
smiles and joy,