Friday, June 27, 2008

Success in One Week!

Okay, maybe it didn't always feel that way. The first few days, I was flooded with new members, positive feedback and action. It was exciting and great! Of course after a few days, it began to slow down.... way down. This didn't feel good after the incredible high I had been on for the last 3 weeks. So the two days before our second launch, I was intermittently taken into a world of doubt and fear. It was time to decide how I was going to react to this new business. Was I only going to allow my happiness, because business was good? What did it mean to my life's purpose when it wasn't? Why did I decide to create this business anyway?

Soul searching became parts of days 4 and 5. The answer was loud and clear. Authentic Times was created for what I wanted to see on the internet. It was created for honest voices, without looking at advertisements, and it was created to inspire my spirit, that YES you can do things in this world that are about community and creativity and learning without corporate funding. Basically, it was created because it was my dream. I am realizing that my dream doesn't need approval from the world, it's just my dream. Realizing your dream IS success. When I really let that sink in, it allowed me to appreciate even more all the beautiful gifts I had already received through emails from other women and excitement in their writing. Every email and member was a bonus to my dream. The icing on the cake, you know, the cinnamon on the latte. Having others connect with my dream, is just an incredible blessing.

That when the perfection of the slow down hit me! The slow down allowed me to clarify my intentions, it allowed me to rest (yes, sleep!), let go of the coffee (again), begin to exercise, meditate and best of all find time to connect with my children and husband, family and friends.

Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for how much beautiful success one person can have in just one week!

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