Friday, June 20, 2008

Yahoo! Launch Day!

Wow! We finally made it to the Summer Solstice and our Launch Day!

What a amazing collaboration from my husband, the Programmer Extraordinaire, my brother, the Amazing Layout and Graphic Arteest, my sister and good friends (you know who you are!), also known as the Profound Support Team, as well as the many women I have met, spoken and emailed with, who shared their ideas and wisdom to create a phenomenal site!

Thank you ALL!!!!

I have spent the last week on coffee (which is already back on my quit list), working most days from 6am-11pm, wondering where the boys (7 & 9) are, communicating passionately with my sweet dearest husband, and feeling the wild exciting ride. This is blazing your trail, ladies, and I highly recommend it! Building this website has been so much fun, and I have learned so much, I know, no matter what happens, this is the journey I wanted to be on.

I hope you will all check it out, and see what my caffeine brain, fuzzy eyes, and wild dreams has helped to create!

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