Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Not Easy to Take the Leap

The day we started to build Authentic Times, I was excited. It was something I wanted for myself and I had a vision of writing, editing and creating joy for readers. The day we launched it, I cried. It took so much time to create. So many ideas to discuss, so much to learn. I had no idea if it would be something that people wanted. I had no idea what would happen.

I just took a leap.

Today, I again took a leap and turned Authentic Times into a paid subscription magazine. This time, I felt I may not have brought my parachute. Life is a mystery and I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know that no matter what happens, I have risked, I have dreamed and I have created something I love and believe in.

I will hold onto that over the coming months and I watch the ground coming towards me and I attempt to land.

If one leap wasn't enough, I also signed off of the Printery printing 5000 copies of my new children's book. If I think about that long enough, my stomach starts to do somersaults!

5ooo COPIES? In three weeks, we will have 58 boxes of books in my house. So far, I have sold 20 and have 20 to give away. Wow, only 4960 more to go....

This feels like a leap off the Grand Canyon.

However, no matter how scary it is to leap, it also is extremely rewarding.
For where else could you ever experience life like this?

One thing I know for sure, however I may land, my life is never going to be the same.

smiles and inspiration,

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