Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hooray for WHACIS!

We just got back from a fabulous homeschooling camp! It used to be called:
Western Washington Not Back To School Camp, or WWNBTSC (whew!)

We changed the name to
Washington Homeschool Adventure Camp in September, or WHACIS.

The group pretty much decided it was indeed, whacky!

But what beautiful weather on the lake and there is just something magical about 12 homeschooling families creating a 5 day community just for them. I experienced a little bit of this when I went to the Life Is Good Conference for unschoolers in May.

The kids are free but not just free, they are with a bunch of other kids in a safe place, that is not home. This is exciting for them and the parents, because we are free to take a little time out for us. There was the idea of calling it Homeschooler Camp for Napping Parents, but we didn't want to make it all about us!

I love homeschoolers getting together. They are so kind, so accepting, so genuine. It heals old wounds from my own schooling days. I used to think all little kids were just cruel. Now I know, it's just sad little kids who are missing their families who can become cruel. They have to take their anger and sadness out on someone. Then habits and patterns emerge in the culture of the class, which is why some classes of kids are so much different than others.

Hmmm.... I am so grateful to have the opportunity to homeschool... but only every day!

Blessings and Smiles!

PS: Oh! And if you tried to order the book before and it didn't work, please try again! We fixed the problem! Click here to see!

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Sarah said...

We just came back from Chautaugua Unschooling Family Retreat near Lincoln City, OR. Life on a private island with 80 unschoolers for 5 days is intoxicating! My kids literally start counting down for next year's reunion the moment they parted with their friends.