Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving Right Along

I haven't written in a couple of weeks as I have been writing so much with my website and another 45 day blogging challenge, the thought of writing here, seemed a bit over the top. is doing great and we are now over the 100 subscriber mark! (106) to be exact! I am so grateful that other women are loving it as much as I am and have been sharing their artwork, stories, recipes and tips. I am so grateful for everyone who has stepped in to make it the success that it is!

My inspirational life coaching site is almost finished! I will let you know when it is, and I can't tell you what wonderful work it is. I have been working with an artist, who submitted her work to, to create an amazing vision for it. She is also a client, and was so excited to share how she saw my energy and business. Her name is Debbie Weber and she is amazing!

My children's book is also coming to a close. We have a printer ready and are finishing up the last half. It is amazing how much you grow as you create something like this. My illustrator has changed and developed our characters so well. I am thrilled at their life-like qualities and excited about what she has dreamed up. They are so friendly and warm. I really think the kids will love these characters!

So for now, I am busy working towards many goals at once. My husband is taking over more and more of the household tasks, shopping, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. The kids are surprisingly happy. I guess they are at the right age to be independent most of the time. Our lives have never been so intensely busy and so happy at the same time. I guess we are doing the right thing!

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