Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coaching Website is UP!

My coaching website is UP!
You can see it here:

Inspirational Life Coaching with Rain

Thank you Scott, my brother for all your amazing work to pull this together!
Thank you Debbie, for all your amazing artwork!
Thank you Dinea, for your amazing photos! (there is still one more to come...)
Thank you Charlie, Chas and Hugh for all your patience.

I am so grateful, and excited about it!

Please let me know your honest feedback...
I always am looking for clarity, errors, or anything else you would like to see different.

Moving forward, I am going to be learning about Podcasting in the coming weeks.



Lynne said...

Hey Rain~ This is Lynne from BLC. Congratulations on your site. It looks fantastic!!! Easy to read and straight forward navigation. Great job with the whole thing. I love all the designs around the content areas...very fun and colorful.

Debbie said...

It looks and feels awesome :)I'm so happy your vision is alive!

catbishop said...

CONGRATS! It looks great Rain..

You are superwoman!


Col @ gigablonde :: things to do in ny when you're [alive} said...

Hi Rain! Col from BLC :) I love love love love love the spirit of your web site, in the words and the artwork ... it's so engaging and beautiful! Being a web designer, I sometimes visit the site of someone I believe in and think, "oh, this really isn't showing their essence" and I so want to change it for them but for YOU, I feel so differently ... I visit your site and feel "yaay!" and that is such a good thing!

You asked for input so I will tell you the one thing I'd love to see and that is a picture of *RAIN* on the "meet RAIN" page ;) Now that would make my heart sing!

I love the quote, "It was like going to pour my heart out to a therapist only giving me actual
concrete things to do to make the bad feelings go away" ... that's powerful ... and something I think we all can relate to .... when you read it, you think, "hey, yes, that's right! I need that!" :)