Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here we go again with the "Crisis" Talk

Every time I watch TV, I remember why I don't own one. My family and I went out for what was supposed to be a fun dinner out, when we were told we were in CRISIS!

"OH NO!" I thought, "Crisis?!?" Of course, I was laughing inside my head, until after about 5 minutes later, after all their compelling sensationalism, I felt stressed even though I didn't believe what they were saying would change my world. (*Please turn off your TV.)

It seems every year there is a crisis. I also notice that no matter what, I am sitting, standing and laying down. I am eating, driving, working, raising my children, loving my family, friends, and especially loving my life....

Is it wrong to love your life when there is a crisis? Is there a crisis at all?

Maybe for some who over-extended into buying a home. Maybe for some whose livelihood were based in brokers, mortgages, real estate and such. Maybe for those invested in oil -in the last few months.... Maybe for some who had high risk portfolios and are retired... FEEL like there is a crisis.

After all, people are losing money, jobs, homes and way of life. Is that a crisis? That same thing has happened every day, every month, every year. Those in this current pickle, and those who have experienced this outside of the current media will live. They will pick up the pieces and move forward.

Truth is, there is nothing else they can do.

Crisis is a state of mind. And gambling is not a safe bet. We all do it at some level when we invest, create a business, or do anything with our lives that we believe will make us money. My husband and I saw that housing was too easy to make money and for too long, so we got out of the housing market. We had already lost huge gains in the dot com market and decided to keep our housing profits safe in a local bank CD account almost 2 years ago.

We didn't make a fortune in oil or other possibilities like others, and we also are not losing any money like others. We are not big gamblers.

And although we are surrounded by big casinos, we don't like to take our money and throw it to the wind of chance. We just work too hard for it. So we have our savings, we have our businesses, and we have our rented home. We also know our savings could be wiped out, our businesses could fail and we may not be able to afford rent a home at some point.

Anything is possible, but thinking life is in crisis every year, almost makes life unbearable.

We can only do what we can do now. We can only make choices that make sense to our heads and hearts. We can only stand, sit and lay down, whether that is comfortable or not, is just life.

What we CAN do is find joy, love, observe, have fun, feel the amazing range of feelings we all share as humans and just enjoy and live this game called life....

You decide if you want to play a friendly game of Pictionary or a risky game of Roulette...


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Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am always sarcastic about the news too. They want us to hang on their every word. I own a tv but I dont watch the news unless there has been a bad storm and I want to see how people fared, which a few times a year. I always have to remind myself and others that even if I end up in a tent on a river somewhere I will be happy...I would be happier actually. lol. All we (most U.S. people) have now is a luxury at a very high price.