Friday, April 3, 2009

Listening to the Voices

Okay, I admit it! Sometimes, I doubt the universe will provide. As I continue to move forward and I do what I love, every once in a while a voice pops into my head that says,

"You are living in a dream world! Life is not a dream and you have to be rational and practical."

Do you know that voice? When you begin walking on your authentic path, this voice is LOUD! There is a real fear of the unknown.

However, as I have been on my true authentic path for the past 3 years, I have actual evidence that living a life that is from your heart and spirit can and does work, although not always as we first might believe it should. Lol!

So when that voice continues to whisper in my ear and flashes of doubt soon fill my head, I can immediately go into "hopeless."

However! I have discovered a beautiful trick that works and I want to share with you today.

When the voice is talking to you with fear, simply listen and sit with the discomfort without judgment. The most important thing is to let the voice be HEARD as you would hear a child.

As I continue to work with The Peace Treaty, I am becoming more conscious of these voices being children. They are us as children, who have become quite bossy and think they know best. However, they speak out of fear and as we all do when we are feeling fear, they just want to be heard.

So next time you hear the voice telling you, "You are foolish and living a dream!" don't fight it or try to put it out of your mind. Decide to listen fully as a kind, loving and wise adult without judgment. When the voice is done talking you might say and say with gratitude in your heart, "Yes, I hear you. It does seem scary. I am the brave adult now, who is ready to take that risk!"

Courage and joy,


SelfHelpGoddess said...

Hi Rain!

Thanks again for letting me share my story on last night's Peace Treaty call! I continue to be amazed at how effective the Peace Treaty is in clearing up old issues and resistance. I was using it AGAIN this morning!! Awwww, it brings me such feelings of relief:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rain,
What a timely post! I am now realizing that the voice in me that sometimes snaps at people or talks back is a vulnerable child needing an extra-lots of love. Today I am opening to abundant self-healing and nurture!

Rain Fordyce said...

Thank you Mary,
Last night was magical... I appreciate you being a part of it!

Yes Carter,
I love the nurturing, abundant and self-healing Awesome Woman that you ARE!

smiles and joy,