Monday, May 5, 2008

We are incorporated!

We are now Authentic Times, Inc! We were so confused about how to get started when we decided to incorporate, but we found it was actually pretty easy to do. There was a whole lot to learn, however. We decided to not hire a lawyer because we really wanted to learn and understand how to become incorporated ourselves. First hand knowledge, we believe, is the best kind. We did get a consultation from our accountant to decide which type of incorporation we should do, C corp, S corp or LLC? He was extremely helpful at explaining the difference and tax benefits of each. We also bought Incorporating Your Business for Dummies, which is an easy to understand, well organized book that will show you how to file and run a corporation. I highly recommend it!
We were able to file online, and my husband and I pushed the button FILE. We then turned to each other and gave a big high five! Our next step is to get our business license through the state and the city.

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